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  • Nic from New Jersey - Saved $200

    Jeep dealer wanted $200 more to install jeep version. These are just as good. As other comments have pointed out, the installation directions are very thin. But just follow directions in comments by Scott or Garrett and it's easy.

  • Amazon Customer - fix the crashing

    Great app but stops working after a while. They need to fix it crashing all the time because when it works it is very useful. Stops after extended use and then refuses to start up again.

  • Kemberly Martin - Timely & Imformative

    Thomas Horn is such an amazing researcher. This book lacks nothing. It's all there if you have the gutts to read it.

  • omojefe ohovwore - HD Clear Vision Indoor TV Antenna-Free Over The Air Digital TV

    I have used this device for 5 months. It is a piece of crap. The manufacturer makes you feel you will receive over one hundred channels....that is a big lie. I do not see the difference in the one I had prior to its purchase. They are all not what they claim they are. Buyers beware!

  • steven bailey - Easy installation!

    Couldn't have been easier to install! I followed the instructions and didn't have a single issue. Anyone that says they had a problem didn't pay attention to the instructions or tried to install it without help lifting it in place. This install was cheaper than replacing the original bumper after it was damaged.

  • cOOkiE MonSTeR - Great for health conscious but has limitations

    Great product for health conscious people. It has a built in dock for an iPhone 4S and below. This is its downfall for if you get an iPhone 5 or 5s with the smaller lightening plug it is not compatible.

  • WeendySteewart - Okay

    We love Ghostbusters, so I ordered this for my 8 year old daughter. The book was just thrown in the box with my other purchases.. no plastic, no wrap, nothing. It had a big tear on the cover from not being protected with anything. Cool book.. disappointing shipping.