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  • biz888 - I can testify... This is a MIRACLE CURE!

    I found some blogs about Black Seed Oil two months ago and read some people with allergy who got cured. I read one lady that said she was getting allergy shots for 10 years until she stumbled onto this miracle cure. I myself have allergy now for 20 long years. Mine is really bad because it is not seasonal. I have allergy 24 hours 365 days! My sinus was so bad liquid coming down like a river. Infact, for 20 years I have been using Viva paper cloth and tissues were not enough when I blow my nose. My nose was worse than Rudolph the red nose reindeer…. Honestly! My eyes red everyday and always using liquid to lighten it. I also had two years of allergy shots and to no avail. So two months ago when I read the reviews, I decided to try this black seed oil. I started with 2 spoonfuls everyday for 2 weeks. It took a week or so before I noticed I had less liquid in my sinus so I increased to 2 spoonful TWICE a day. Then it got better. I increased it again to 4 spoonful twice a day (morning & before going to sleep). Now I’m almost completely healed. I would say 95% cured. I will not complain on the 5%... I am very happy. I faithfully take this oil everyday. I can miss my other vitamins but will not miss this one. Not only that it cured my allergy, I also notice the big difference on my sleep. It also cured my insomnia. I also tried this on allergy bumps from a face cream one time. I put this oil and was gone the next morning. I suggest to those whose got allergy problem, please try this and then increase the dosage. I hope you will get healed just like I did.

  • bugsychipr - Best seasoning

    Wal Mart is ALWAYS out of just plain McCormick Steak Seasoning. This seasoning is great on any meat and also perfect for vegetables. You would think Wal Mart would ensure popular products are always stocked. Shipped very fast.