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  • Island Dermatology :: Services Offered - Island Dermatology offers a full range of medical dermatology services, including evaluation, consultation, and treatment for common skin diseases and disorders. We are highly skilled in the latest cosmetic dermatology procedures, including BOTOX® treatments, laser hair removal, and IPL® FotoFacial™, we also experienced in surgical dermatology, including skin cancer surgery and reconstructive procedures.

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  • wbowes - Great Software

    Started using this software, and it seems it will do just what I need. I am a criminologist and have been looking for software that will allow me to easily map population and economic data against crime statistics in hopes that this will make it easier to spot trends.

  • Mr.Chris - Game is 9/10 the cable it comes with is 5/10 overall fun 10/10 BUT YOU NEED A REAL GUITAR

    The game is a great game but seriously beware of the cable. I bought this for the ps3 thinking that it was a really good buy and then the cable malfunctioned, if this happens it makes the game worthless. DONT let that deter your purchase, just keep your receipt and if your playing this game and all the sudden it stops working return the cable. amazon and Ubi soft is really good in dealing with faulty equipment, or at least with me. This game is guitar hero for people who wanna have fun, learn guitar and be awesome. I bought this game and a guitar and with no experience I have learned how to play very basic stuff quickly, and im uncoordinated and not very bright. Fun and appropriate for all ages

  • Lady A - The price of $14.95 was too good to be true!

    I now see why it was on sale and I should have known something is wrong when you can't contact customer service. I put this on my machine and it now gets more virus than it ever did and messed up my system so bad, I had to reinstall my operating system over it and some of my other stuff and I'm still having problems, so now I will have to wipe my disk clean and start from square !. Avast! works way better than this program and I am talking about the "free version"!!!. I will "never" purchase anything Kaspersky makes again and will also let my friends know not to waste their money.

  • Jeff N - Perfect answer to my problem!

    I am a mom of a 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old. I've tried the Sit and Stand and Graco Duo rider. This stroller is 1000x better.

  • Lauren Berry - Shy because of embarassing facial hair? I was too

    I am only 20 and started having facial hair problems around the time I started taking birth control at 18. I went on and off again and I'm guessing it messed up my hormones, and all of a sudden I have tons of peach fuzz on my face. Being that I'm so young I was so embarrassed and wished I could wear a mask. I waxed occasionally but hated waxing almost as much as my hairy face. It left me red and sticky sometimes didn't even work. I decided that it's silly to let something like this inhibit me and the same day I read reviews for this online. I didn't want to wait to order it so I bought it at the drugstore for $30. $30 is about my max for a good pair of jeans, so this is a bit of a pinch but SO. WORTH. IT. I have naturally fine blonde hair but my body hair is thicker and darker so I opted for the medium to coarse. Plus, there was only one fine to medium box left and it looked like it had been opened. It was fate. I showered and used a face scrub, then used it right away. Follow the directions closely, and be mindful of where you apply the step 1 balm. It disappears once you rub it in and it would've been helpful to know exactly where it was to remove as much hair as possible without burning the non-balmed skin. Maybe mark the edges of the area you plan to defoliate with eyeliner? I riskily left it on for a good 10 minutes, the maximum time. It may have been a little longer (although I don't suggest that!) even so I didn't have any redness or pain. I rinsed with lukewarm water and then cold water. There was a slight tingling sensation a few minutes after I removed it but that was it!! No redness whatsoever!! I put makeup on and went to work shortly after. It's like there was never any hair that at all. Completely smooth and fuzz free. I plucked a few strays but even so, results were better than anything else I've used. I'm so happy. I finally feel confident and feminine and sexy again. Trust me it's worth it!

  • bettymae - Very pleased!

    I just got my Bissell today and tried it out on my VERY dirty kitchen floor (vinyl). We are remodeling the house at the moment and everything gets tracked through the kitchen, on top of the normal dirt and grim a kitchen floor collects. I did the vac/steam together and on the first pass, the floor was 90% clean (all loose dirt was picked up and most of the stuck on grime was picked up by the steam mop). I only needed to do a second pass just with the steam mop just because my floor was THAT dirty. The pad from my first pass was just caked with dirt, the pad from the 2nd pass (which left my floor very clean) had more clean spots than dirty. On a normal dirty floor I think one pass would have cleaned it perfectly.