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  • Book Maven 2005 - Could not believe how bad some of these stories were

    Could not believe how bad some of these stories were. The lack of diversity and the sheer boredom of reading them. Only Stephen O'Connor's Next to Nothing made any impact on me. I can only assume the editor was paying back literary favors in this terrible selection of stories.

  • D. Twum - Great tasting tea, very helpful for milk supply

    I looked at this tea and several others, and actually tried another brand of loose leaf tea before finding this one. After reading all the reviews and comparisons, I decided to bite the bullet and just get this tea. I was quite worried about people's comments concerning the taste, but I figured I'd do what I must in order to keep breastfeeding my son. To my surprise, the tea was actually pretty tasteless compared to the loose leaf nursing tea I was drinking before. And, I think it definitely boosted my milk production. I don't know whether it's the herbs or the increased intake in fluids, but I definitely started pumping 8-10oz per pumping session, which was more than enough for my child. At some point I reduced my intake because I seemed to be overproducing milk and could feed my baby and freeze 12oz each day. When my production dropped a bit, I'd start back up on the tea, drinking a cup after each pumping session. I finished my six boxes pretty quickly and ordered another one two weeks ago.

  • Amazon Customer - 😍loved it

    Like always this was a great read! You never leave me disappointed! I normally only read the free books on my kindle, but after reading the sample I couldn't wait . I knew it would be $9.99 well spent . like all of your books this was a hit not going to give always any of the details cause y'all need to pay like I had too .. Just know its worth every penny! This is definitely a page turner packed with drama, believable storyline.. Cant wait for your next book.

  • D. Morganti - Soft but greasy every time

    No matter how thoroughly I rinse my hair, it remains greasy. Soft, sure, but super-greasy. I'd say you'd need thick, very curly hair for this product to look great.