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  • Not a wink - UP ALL NIGHT!!!

    this product DID NOT help me sleep one bit. It didn't even make me a little drowsy or even slightly sleepy. Don't waste your money. I thought it would be helpful because I know NyQuil always helped my fall asleep when I had a cold, but ZzzQuil does not have the same effect at all. In fact i still stayed up all night. don't bother wasting your money to try this, trust me you'll regret it, I am so disappointed.

  • jackie - a great set for a great look!

    I am not a make up artist and someone who is just starting to learn about the benefits of good contouring and high-lighting, so I am used to brushes from Ulta or Sephora and these are really nice in comparison to anything I've owned from those stores. These are seriously some of the softest brush sets I've ever used in my entire life. The set is great and is functional for all your contouring, shading, blending make-up needs. What I really like about them is the handle is lightweight and easy to hold onto. The bristles are soft, full, and plush, so no poking or odd out of place bristles to be difficult for you when applying make up. They didn't shed at all when I was using them for my foundation, powder and eye make up and I had a lot of control over my application because the bristles are soft and tight. There are letters on the brushes that designate E (eyes) or F (face). The handles are nice and long for working on my eyes and the face brushes have a little thicker handles which gives me more comfort in covering more surface area. Overall, I'm really pleased with these. I played around with each of the eye brushes and did a dramatic eye with them and feel like I had a lot of control and precision with my look. I'm still playing with contouring with foundation, powder and concealer, but the brushes are really comfortable to hold onto and gave me an even application.

  • Mike Ufford - Its like Fifa 14, but without all the features

    The Good: EA really outdid themselves by getting the gentlemen from Men In Blazers to record a commentary track. If you're a GFOP ("Good Friend of the Pod") the game is worth it for that reason alone. Beyond that, EA focused on the players likely to get called up, so for once the team actually looks like their real-life counterparts. They also did a great job of capturing the 'feel' of the World Cup compared to Fifa14 by adding more cut-aways to the crowds, segments of the national anthems, more team-specific commentary, scenarios that pay tribute to actual events from qualifying etc.