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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • John and Melissa Robbins - Highly effective

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. We had tried other traps with bait in them, but they were not very effective. It seemed like the roaches knew to stay clear of them maybe from previous experience. But with this paste, we could put it in more places that the other traps couldn't be without being an eyesore. I had to replace the paste in a few areas every couple days due to it being eaten so fast. We had many dead roaches within the first week and after that, we saw very few, if any, roaches for the rest of the time we were in the house. We checked and reapplied as necessary every month after, but it was a very easy process. We will definitely buy again if we find we have another roach problem at another place. Also note that this tube will go a long way which makes it one of the most economical options out there as well.

  • redivy - A Great Space-Saver

    Having infant twins means having two of most things. Unfortunately I also have a small house and could not imagine two traditional high chairs in such cramped quarters. A friend had this chair for her child and I fell in love with its size and ease of use.

  • Clevon Adams - ... it arrived on time and the material quality is great, it fit him perfect

    Bought it for my brother-in-law it arrived on time and the material quality is great, it fit him perfect.

  • Sadhana Holla - Loved it!

    Definitely served its purpose for my small kitchen and for very frequent usage. No complaints so far.

  • Kalepa Ta Kala - Recommended.

    High quality. Uniform filament diameter (checked with calipers). Fast shipping. Good packaging. Would definitely recommend the product and the seller.

  • Made to Worship - Great value

    I really like this bike. I wanted a good ride with reliable shifting for a decent price. I believe I got exactly that. I had a bike store put it together then switched out the seat and pedals for personal preference items.

  • Azumi - Awesome quality for a reasonable price!

    I was a bit skeptic before I ordered this power bank, but it overachieved all of my expectations. I charges my phone really fast (from 10% to 100% approx. 2h), the performance of the power is very satisfying, the real performance just around the stated mAh.