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Against Avelox - If It Came From A Casandra, The Generic Quality Of Life, Physicians Rationale On Using Antibiotics As Well Tolerated And Has Weaker Coverage Against Bacteria.

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  • spinningwood - Not sure it is worth the trouble

    Some things have improved with Quicken 2011, some things seem not to work as well as previous versions and things quicken can't couldn't do in the past it still can't do.

  • Computerboy - Is this stuff for real!!!?

    Got a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that I wet sanded with 3,000, then buffed out with Maguire's 105, then polished with Maguire's 205, then drenched in Turtle Wax ICE! I got a jug of this Turtle Zip Wax and the car shines like never before! What the heck is in this stuff??? You just mix it with water, wash the car as usual, and the darn thing is shining like there is no tomorrow! I am a little concerned about it building up on the windows, but so far, so good, and it's been raining like crazy and no spots or wiper chatter. A miracle! No more expensive and fancy pants car washes for me!

  • ollie - Thin paper, tight spacing

    These registers are printed on thinner paper than the ones I get from the bank, so ink from my fine-tip Pilot V5 pen bleeds through the paper, making the reverse side almost unusable. Using a fine-tip ballpoint instead works OK.

  • J. Michelle Wynn - Great political book

    This is the third book I've read about the 2012 election. This one gives a little more behind the scenes info of what each campaign was doing during the same time period.