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  • Tom Funkte - WWE game

    I thought that this would be a kewl game to take out agressions, however the game disk arrived damaged in the center part that spins the disk I quit using it after the first use. to limit the risk of an exploding disk in the drive especially since my xbox 360 slim eliete is a brand new unit.

  • Grandparent X 2 - Agree that this is a great product

    I agree with the previous reviews that this is another quality product by this company. With a 3 year old grandaughter and another one on the way I love its versatility for use from infancy on, and how easily it folds down for storage and travel.

  • tjclay95 - Great book written by a Godly man

    Bill Hybels is a great leader and loves Jesus! With his great power within his church in Chicago he embraces his humility to share the transformation of Jesus with everyone. This is book is extremely practical and teaches you how to simplify you life and focus on Jesus. I'm excited to share this book with friends and family!

  • nathaniel elrod - I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was

    I usually don't do reviews but with this product I felt it was necessary, I received the Diablo in about two days and as soon as I opened the box I plugged it in and updated it about an hour later I was tuning my car and damn my Dodge Charger rt is like a whole new beast now

  • Irene j mok - looks good

    tried twice, seems like its working. Not as drastic as advertised but definitely worth trying a few more times.

  • Heather Cox - A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale ...

    A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale and also I can charge my phone multiple times on a 100% charge.

  • bigbadbaba - excellent lightweight stroller for your money

    I have this stroller for 2 years now and love it. I registered for the much more expensive Peg Pliko Switch- and used that while my daughter was in the infant seat. My mother-in-law picked this stroller up to have a cheap stroller around for when she babysat. (***We only paid $199 for it- and that's what the price was for a while, don't know why it's up to $299- maybe because it's the older model???) I ended up taking it from her. Once my daughter was out of the infant seat, the Switch was just way too heavy and way too difficult to maneuver. The Vela is so lightweight- I can fold it with one hand holding a child in the other. The three wheel design and single handlebar also makes it easy to maneuver with one hand, which is actually really important to a multi-tasking mother. The stroller is a bit unstable- if you are hanging something from the handlebar and there is no child in it, it will tip backwards and one time my daughter was asleep in it with the seat reclined and as I pushed it I put a little weight on the handle and it tipped backwards. But of the millions of times I used it day in and day out, those situations are easy to avoid. The positives and the price more than make up for that. Another thing I don't love is the canopy on top- if the seat is all the way reclined the canopy comes unsnapped, which I think is intentional but I wish it was designed a bit differently. I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it is a little bit cheap- my right side wheel break doesn't work anymore- but I bet if I got down there and looked around I could reconnect it. I'm not complaining though- the price is so reasonable for such a good stoller, I would buy another one but I don't want the new design with the 4 wheels- the 3 wheel is where it's at. This stroller has made my life considerably easier after the Switch. I'm expecting a second child in December and I'm going to forego the Switch all together and put the infant seat on the Vela.