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  • Roy Martinez - Functionality at a compromise

    I first got my hands on the Toshiba Chromebook when my brother visited during the holidays. After being without a laptop for a few years I was impressed. The screen was nice and the keyboard is pretty decent. I like to think a good measure of a portable laptop is being able to forget about it when you're on the go. The laptop is amazingly light and the Toshiba Chromebook passes this test as I never really feel like I'm lugging a laptop around all day. It's lighter than some of my textbooks!

  • New York Cooks - Worked Great for a Year ... and then it malfunctioned and burnt me

    When my husband and I first got our waffle maker, we couldn't believe how well it worked - at this price point, nothing could be better. A couple of months ago the lock that holds the waffle plate upright while you're pouring batter and removing the waffle broke in the middle of using the waffle maker. It slipped to the side and burnt the inside of my arm. Three months later, I still have a scar and I can no longer in any way recommend this waffle maker. I'm going to purchase something slightly more expensive (e.g., KitchenAid) that hopefully has more of a focus on ensuring that parts continue to work. If you do choose to buy this, BE CAREFUL.

  • Amazon Customer - Cover design is a blatant ripoff of another fan's work!

    The creator of this book clearly copied the design of another artist's work, and very poorly so. Proof of this can be seen here....

  • Amazon Customer - It works great, you have to use it for at least ...

    It works great, you have to use it for at least a month to 6 weeks before you see any change. Once you start using it, you will have to continue for the product to continue to work.