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City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Gabriela - Awesome phone, totally worth upgrading from it's predecessors

    Greatest phone ever.I have used it for 9 days already and it's awesome.My only complaint is the lack of good glass screen protectors.

  • L. Haisley - Rapid Beverage Chiller

    This turned out to be a really great bottle (and can) chiller. Often times, with my large family, something runs out, or something isn't cold when it needs to be and we found this item does exactly the job! It works as advertised, and well worth the expense. We told all our friends and family about it. It's a little messy with water when chilling a large bottle (wine for example, if the spin is on) and the label get destroyed in the process - but those are items that don't matter to us. If you find a frequent need to chill any item down fast, this does it. No one in our family believed it, and everyone had to try it (to prove it) and sure enough, it does exactly that, and quickly. We love our little Cooper Cooler!

  • me-myself - Great Stuff / Arrived in a Damaged, Wet Box with Leaky Bottle

    I love this product. We use it around the exterior areas of our house to clean up after/deter the neighbors' cats, who like to spray our BBQ cover, back door, etc. It works wonders on stinky soccer shinguards. It even worked on soiled framing members and wood flooring when we first moved into and were remodeling our home; it took a few applications, but after a few weeks there was no longer any evidence of cats inside our house as evidenced by black light and our own noses. Yippeee!

  • Douglas R. Hofstetter - They work just fine and I'm very happy with them

    I purchased these crossbars for a 2013 Rav4. They work just fine and I'm very happy with them. Just one small issue with them, I had to adjust their length to the maximum extension for the clamps to work properly on my factory rails.