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  • njreviewer - A Waste of time and money

    I purchased the Weather Tech #46248-1-2 mats for my daughter's 2010 Hyundai Elantra for Christmas. I ordered them on Dec 9, 2011 and they finally arrived on December 22, 2011. Nothing like cutting it close. The order started on line then, having some questions, I called the customer service department where they answered my questions and completed the order.

  • Whizzy - but they are still crap. I'd replace the borken lens but these frames ...

    First and last pair of raybans. For how expensive these are you'd think that they would last a bit longer. I'm very careful with my sunglasses and if they aren't on the face they are in the case. These were way too small and thus quite uncomfortable. Today, after a few months of ownership, the left lens popped out today and shattered on the ground. Yeah I'd say these were authentic ray bans, but they are still crap. I'd replace the borken lens but these frames are too small anyways.

  • Ken Chisholm - A miracle, natural product

    This is a natural substance that I purchased on advice from a friend that it had worked miracles for and it has done the same for me. I have had severe Neuropathy for about 15 years and was so bad it was waking me at night with burning and tingling pain in my feet and lower legs. I had been taking a prescription drug, Gabipenton, for a year or better and was Taking as many as 4 pills a day with reasonable success except it made my balance issues worse. I started the 1300 mg Turmeric AND BY THE TIME THE FRST BOTTLE WAS 2/3 GONE I HAD NO MORE LEG OR FOOT BURNING OR TINGLING AND improved balance issues and was sleeping through the night. This is truly a miracle product. Thank you Schwartz Bioresearch. Ken Chisholm Longview WA.

  • Jennifer R. Pahl - So far, so fun.

    I'm loving the game so far. It just looks like some of the "cooler" weapons will take some time and money to unlock but that tends to be the trend with most games. But I am still enjoying it.

  • Phyllis Chesnut - Have used two different pregnancies and after 5 months trying ...

    Have used two different pregnancies and after 5 months trying, used this one month and pregnant the next cycle. No taste just slight texture to drink.


    I purchased the Black Seed Oil hoping I would get results in weight reduction but there was no difference in my weight after 2 weeks of taking 1 teas of the product per day. (if I consumed more than a teas. per day I would get a headache) But I can say that by the third day of taking BSO my energy shot through the roof and has remained that way as long as a started my day with 1 teas. of this oil! I can feel it when it kicks in, the fogginess in my head clears, my visions is better, I don't feel tired or weak but strong and vibrate. I zoom through my responsibilities at work, no longer feeling weak, tired or down in my mind, I have increased memory and mental clarity. Although I do not see how this oil can benefit or assist in weight reductions as others have claimed, I can recommend this oil to those who need an all natural assistance for depression, mental clarity, strength, vision and energy. It has helped me in those areas tremendously! NOTE*-Maybe the help for weight reduction comes through the energy you get from taking the oil because now your so fired up you want to work out! (smile) hmmmm I feel like going for a walk......

  • Eric Beckemeyer - This product left terrible streaks and residue on my dark hardwood floor

    I used this yesterday on my dark hardwood floors. I saw reviews of people loving this product, so I decided to try it. This product left terrible streaks and residue on my dark hardwood floor. Ugh..Now I need to buff with microfiber to get the residue off. Dark hardwood is a challenge...this product is not appropriate for dark shiny yourself time and effort...don't use!!! (I used my e-cloth dust mop head to buff out the residue and streaks...much easier than on my hands and knees, which is how I started out.)