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  • Rodeomomof2 - Great idea, way too expensive!

    I have spent several years yearning for one of these. I researched them and knew I would get one eventually, but too much info was left up-in-the-air. How much would it really cost per liter? We are a one income family so every penny counts.

  • steve G 82 - It still seems to get stuff in the handle but not as bad and it looks as though you can at-least get ...

    I bought this to replace my old Ninja (pulse) that I got when Ninja first burst onto the scene. It has lasted me a while but finally broke down on me. The problem it had was in the handle. It seems to collect junk inside of it. You can (and I did) unscrew it and clean it out but it will just collect again. It eventually broke and unfortunately you have to have it in tact to work it.

  • doctor j - Lonely Planet for trip details

    Whenever you plan a trip on your own or with a tour, there are 2-3 travel guides you need to the most out of your experience. Fodors, Frommers and Lonely Planet. This Fodors Japan is excellent.

  • Anonymous - Great

    I bought these since for my business I wear sneakers all the time. In the meantime, I was a therapy aide at a hospital while getting my business running. I would wear these from 7AM-11PM at night and not have a problem. Over time I did put in gel inserts but that was just from being on my feet so much. They've lasted a super long time and I would highly reccomend them.