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  • Herbert C. Meyer - basic GPS receiver, USB interface, good software if you can stand Windows

    The physical product is a yellow lump of microelectronics with a USB interface, with a NMEA interface that works best with the DeLorme supplied virtual Serial port. The software is a well written but rather complex street mapping program with data for North America. The software stores the maps on the local hard disk, using a large chunk of disk, so an internet connection is not needed to use it. I strongly recommend against using this product in a car, the software interface is too complex to use while driving, you will navigate into a wreck.

  • J. Alex Lauderdale - Poor Quality Recordings

    I bought this for my mother, so she could learn Spanish while she was recovering, but the audio for the Spanish phrases on the DVD was such horrible quality that we could barely understand them. It was very odd, since the rest of the DVD used close to studio-quality audio. If you're looking for something to teach you proper enunciation of Spanish phrases, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

  • Ryan & Zach's Mimi - Fog Be Gone!!!

    I have high hopes for this stuff, just sayin'. I can't even begin to tell you how many different types of energy/brain boosting/focusing supplements I've tried in the past. Not all were duds, but I never did find one that I could just say WOW about.

  • M. Ryzy - NOW is great!

    I've been buying this for over a year now. I really like NOW - inexpensive vitamins and they really seem to be high quality.

  • Suzane M. Fank de Carvalho - The ball is a really good product!

    Mikasa ball is new for me who was accostumed with a Penalty ball to play volley. Mikasa ball is lighter and fluctuates more, but once you get used to it you see how it helps you to improve your technique! The only thing someone told me is that we have to care is to use only a Mikasa pump, because if you don't do it, you can damage the ball. So, I'll have to get one!