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INFORMATION DES DIABETIQUES DJIBOUTIENS - Ce site est né d'une évidence et d'une urgence, l'extension inexpliquée et dramatique des différentes formes de diabète dans de nombreuses régions du monde.Comment luttter contre cette maladie ?

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  • Carlos Thomas - a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit ...

    Haven't gone to Iceland yet. using the book as a reference to map out a plan. So far, a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit of depth. But gives you some nice things to think about.

  • George Gilman - Great concept but flaws remain

    I've tried one other cheaper tracker and was highly disappointed. This tracker is considerably better but flawed.

  • Gino - Bottoms Up for Cold Brew

    I bought the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy Single Cup Coffee Maker to make a small batch of cold brew coffee in the refrigerator. I have not used it to brew hot coffee so this review will focus solely on its use for cold brew. [Measurements are approximate.] I used a 10 ounce clear glass mug with a depth of four inches and a three inch diameter. The Brew Buddy has a 1.25 inch plastic border around its 4 inch diameter and the sack, when filled with coffee, hangs to a depth of 2.5 to 3 inches.

  • Heather B. - Experienced mommy of 3 gives this two thumbs up

    This product really is much easier and effective than a regular store or hospital grade nasal aspirator. We have a Kirby vacuum, which worried me with how much power a Kirby has, but is very gentle when hooked up. It is a pain in the butt to have to drag the Kirby out and assemble the hose on, but would be very easy for any other vacuum that already has the hose attached. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to any new parent or parents of children with persistent colds or allergies!

  • Vecky M. - Its brutal but its humanity and the apocalypse what do u expect gumdrops and rainbows?

    I loved the story but yeah I'm not as sensitive as other viewers. It might be hard to swallow for some people and I get that. I'm fascinated by humanity and their choices and if u have seen what ppl are capable of in gory news it doesn't surprise me that this would happen. I still have hope that good will triumph over evil in the world.