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  • Magnesphere Testimonials | Patient Stories Florida - The Magnesphere is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Therapeutic Device Florida | Magnesphere | Magnetic Device - Our business model is structured to keep the cost of the device as low as possible... aligning ourselves so that we make our profit when you make your profit.
  • Magnetic Therapy | Magnetic Healing | Florida - No drugs. No surgery. No pain. We want to find solutions to help patients manage their pain, stress and anxiety, and we believe the best way to do so is to just relax.

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  • J. Hopkins - Lets us use the BOB with the Chicco.. ...

    Lets us use the BOB with the Chicco...had to buy to a new BOB though because it only works on models 2010 or higher....S#*T got real expensive fast.

  • LilyL - for blood pressure

    started taking this last June 2013. At the end of July began the most stressful 6 months of my life. I fully expected my BP to shoot through the roof since I already struggle to keep it down. I am thrilled to say it has stayed normal even with the added stress and I must believe it is this supplement because it was the only thing I changed. I am to get cholesterol checked next week and am eager to see those numbers. will update my review when I have the results.

  • Michael J. Gellerman - Important Acid Refluex Information

    Although WHY STOMACH ACID IS GOOD FOR YOU is a bit dated, published in 2001 and there is more information now available on proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole, from what I can tell the information on the importance of stomach acid has not changed. The authors made the point that stomach acid is necessary for good health and as we age the amount of stomach acid decreases, thereby answering the fundamental question that if this is true, why are people as we age taking more and more anacids? Obviously the authors have nailed Big Pharma who are making billions off the uninformed. That said, this is an important book for anyone interested in taking charge of their own health care as opposed to letting the medical profession and television commercials make the decisions concerning your body. This has to be a joint venture betweem the doctor and the patient. Finally, the one other criticism would be that the information on acid reflux is for approximately 80% of sufferers who have Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease (GERD), when 20% like myself have Larynopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). Too bad that distinction was not made or discussed in this book.

  • Omar - Miracle Oil!

    Prophet Muhammad said it cures everything except death! Has helped people I personally know with stomach problems, headaches/migraines, assisted in curing breast cancer (along with chemotherapy, I cannot confirm that it works without chemo but it might), and children with immune system issues.

  • Amazon Customer - yet as I would like to think

    I cherish swaddlers to such an extent! They are more costly than different diapers, yet as I would like to think, its so justified, despite all the trouble! They were utilized by my healing center I conveyed at, and utilized by my pediatric attendant sister at her doctor's facility and with her tyke. We have one and only time in 5 months had a break, and that was simply because my little girl had a marathon rest session and I decline to wake a dozing child, regardless of the possibility that it's been 7 hours. They are touchy on her skin, embrace her well, and each other diaper I have attempted I have totally despised. The main reason Ive attempted different diapers is on account of they were endowments from my child shower. Also, every time I cannot hold up until I can return to my swaddlers. Profoundly prescribe.

  • Amanda Kay - it is a good puzzle. My four year old can do it

    I wish the puzzle were thicker than it was. Other than that, it is a good puzzle. My four year old can do it.