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  • R. Moss - cool, interesting, different

    No where near as good as the first one. It was great seeing some of the original actors. Really unrealistic and a stretch to think another world so much more advanced then us could not fight them but then we successfully did what they didnt. The point of any other civilization being any more advanced from us would be because of ONE factor...they ALL work together for survival and not kill each other , especially over stupid meaningless crap like we do. Also a ship THAT big that buries itself in our earths surface would throw our gravity off and life would cease to be able to exist. First movie was plausible whereas this one not so much. Fun movie. Did not have the sock it factor like the first quite as good but actors were great. Will Smiths son....meh, not so much...I think he certainly was capable of giving a better shot at it and hopefully in the future we will get to see that.

  • M.E. - it leaves my hair soft and smells amazing. Helps with the frizz and tames my hair

    I have very curly frizzy hair, it leaves my hair soft and smells amazing. Helps with the frizz and tames my hair! :) I like it better than the chi product. My husband also love the smell.

  • rklav - This phone meets all of my needs.

    This phone meets all of my needs. The one feature that I don't need is the gps and it is a good thing I don't. The gps takes to long to get a lock onto the satellites. I use a nextar gps so it is not that important to me but when I would like to use the gps to get back to my car in some fairgrounds parking lot it woulb be great to get a signal in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Wil Bowman - Cannot stop recommending.

    What have I been doing all these years? This is an absolutely amazing product. It's a game changer. I do not have a single bad thing to say about them.

  • Skylar Lyon - This book is life changing...

    I've had a microwave in my house since I was a child... I never knew how to use it though. It was purely just decorative piece to impress the ladies and business partners who may come over for dinner. I mean really, who know's how to use a microwave? Ever since reading Ms. Allen's book, my microwave has gone from a conversation piece to a piece of functional furniture! The next time I'm trying to woo a lady or my boss, I'll just make them Sonia's three bean guacamole dip, and I'm confident I'll soon be microwaving for two on a middle manager's salary.

  • sassysuzie - USE CHEAP BIOTIN

    This product is a total rip off. There is NOTHNG that will ever make hair grow back. I know I've tried everything. Two dermo Dr.'s told me the same thing. I started taking Biotin sold here & 10,000 mils is the highest you can get . It stops hair loss in 2 weeks and the body came back, this is when people start inspecting their hair & find very short pieces around their hairline thinking it's new growth, it's not. It's a "sign" of hair loss. My short pieces have grown but hair has not and will never fill in. Don't be taken in by all these products. Biotin is for hair, skin and nails. Same as this expensive junk people lure desperate people in with