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  • Bubbly - Wish I Hadn't!!

    The hair on top of my head was thinning so I tried Rogaine foam. After using it for about a month it was "shedding" and I was losing hair where I hadn't even applied it. After about 1 1/2 months the hair on the back of my head came out. I don't call it "shedding" . It's hair loss. I was bald. I couldn't pull my hair back or braid it like I used to.

  • Kindle Customer - A broken game masked by server issues

    Well, this is just another review that will drown in the thousands here already saying pretty much the same stuff as the others. I suppose I should count myself fortunate that I ordered the physical disc, as Amazon is allowing me to return the game for full price (I love you Amazon!). So, let's just forget the ridiculously horrible server launch (only a few dozen people will want to play SimCity, one of the most popular non-console games of all time!) and focus on the actual game mechanics.

  • OphirDude - What a great piece of gear

    I've read the complaints about the small print (which indicates error messages), but in normal cases homes should be wired up properly. All you really have to remember is the message indicating a correctly wired socket. If you do not get the proper message, THEN take the time to figure out what is wrong.

  • T.Brown - His brat

    This is an amazing book. I couldn't stop reading it until I was done, nothing mattered while I was in the world of LG and Max. You just couldn't put it down wanting to know what was going to happen with them. So many twists and turns. Max who has hurt in his past and crap for parents was going out one last night before signing over his life to help his parents but during this last night he unknowingly meets "the one" as hard as he tries to push her away she keeps coming at him and he gives in to LG. While trying to keep her and also kick her out the next morning wondering if or when he'd see her again, and when he does its later that day next to his "NEW WIFE"(part of the deal with his parents) LG just happens to be his new stepdaughter. GET THE BOOK TO SEE HOW IT ENDS AND THE REST OF THE TWISTS... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED

  • ktmonster - Lots of Dedication

    My entire office did the 30 day cleanse together. I don't think I would have been able to stick with it without the group support. I was about 30 pounds above my ideal weight and lost 15 pounds and 22 inches after 30 days. Honestly, I didn't stick to the diet perfectly (had the occasional glass of wine or vodka and soda), so if I had, I probably would have lost even more. Once you get around the idea that you are not eating food three times per day, it is really easy to follow. It is a lifestyle change to be sure, but is more mental than physical. I don't eat a lot of sugar to begin with, so I didn't have the headache and fatigue some of my co-workers experienced. The cleanse days are quite easy, as they have you eating, drinking, etc. something every hour or so. I didn't eat any of the bars or snacks because I don't like sweets at all. Instead of the bars, I had a hard boiled egg or some celery. That worked fine. We just started a second 30 days to knock off those holiday pounds, this time I only ordered the items I like to use (no bars or snacks, just the shakes and cleanse for life). It is a great program if you are not self-motivated to cut calories (like me) and it is easy to follow and easy to plan meals. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a jump start to help portion control and healthier diet.

  • Amazon Customer - Two Stars

    It's too much work for what it does. The cleaning, the constant changing of bottles, its too much work for the little foam it makes.

  • Nancy - Excellent Book, Excellent Author

    This book is excellent. It is written for a beginner or an advanced user in easy to understand language! I am an advanced user and bought this to sharpen my skills and it is well worth the purchase. I am skimming through the basics and learning some new techniques that will save me time at my job as well reading about more complicated features that will greatly reduce my workload. Everything that I want to know is included in the book. I have several Excel books from different authors and this is the book that I will keep handy for quick reference as well as reading in detail. I highly recommend this book!