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  • Java Chick - Could have been an awesome game :/

    VERY disappointed in the fact that you only get 3 lives, instead of 5, like most other games. And then, when you use these measly 3 lives up, you have to wait 30 minutes to get one new life. OR you can pester your friends for lives or buy them, which I refuse to do. It's always asking for $. On top of that, to get the little men, you have to go back and redo the levels all over again. If you get a super high score on the first try, it should automatically move you to master builder. This is ridiculous!! Then, you get up in higher levels and they are so hard, with so few turns, you use up all of your lives. So, you're right back at waiting 30 minutes, hassling friends or paying $. Very annoying game. Great concept and would actually be fun if it were more than just a way for the creators to get $ from people. :/ I think it's time to delete this one from my Kindle.

  • Ray west iii - nice set for the garden.

    Firstly these clippers both have some decent heft to them. not in a bad way but in a sturdy, seemingly well built sort of way. Interesting design on these to keep them closed. the small pair has just the leather circle you slip over the nonbuttoned side. Simple and effective. the bigger one is like a ar15 safety you thumb it down nice and simple/effective as well. seem to be well designed and thought out. tried to snip a few branches with the bigger one and went through easy. the small ones tips are not super precise. not effective for extremely precise cuts but both together can handle pretty much any garden need besides trees lol. I'm happy with them.

  • J Boland - Don't waste your money

    I have a 1997 jeep wrangler with a black hardtop. I bought this product because of all the promises it made to restore and renew. It didn't even cover half of my hardtop and what it did cover only lasted a few days. RIP OFF, DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Valdora - So far, so good!

    I have taken some reviews to heart, and will not put these in the dishwasher. But, they are so easy to clean that it doesn't matter! Put water in it for 5 minutes, and everything previously stuck just slides right off. There were a few scratches on a few pieces when it was delivered, but nothing too noticable. The included tools are a bit cheap, but I wanted it for the pans, not those anyways. Very pretty red color, and the perfect set to completely replace all ove my old warped hand-me-down set. I am very happy with them, and they preform great. I don't even use oil most of the time, even with pancakes. Very good weight to them too. Not always an even heat distribution in the skillets, but my burners are smaller anyways. Lids fit well, and are of great quality materials too.

  • Myra Gail Moran - By Acure organic moroccan argon oil.

    I put the oil on my face before I put my make up on. It is wonderful. It makes my face feel and look more youthful. I am 68 years old and if the oil can make my face look more youthful everyone of all ages should use it. It is an oil but the skin just absorbs it and there is no greasy feel after you rub in into the skin. I love this oil and. I do recommend the ACURE brand. I did some research on line and this seems to be the best oil and does not cost as much as some of the other oils.