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  • fleet - AT-205

    Have used AT-205 on numerous problems since first purchasing this item. Was advised to give it a try by an old diesel mechanic. First time use was in a 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo trans. Car could be left in drive for 1/2 hour before engaging drive. Put in the product and the next morning did my normal thing. Transmission immediately engaged and I almost went through the garage door. Have since used this product for numerous applications and have been mostly successful.

  • Troy Agler - Disappointed

    Technically nothing wrong with this helmet. For the price, however, I would expect to receive a well made, light, aerodynamic product, made specifically for an advanced rider. First, the helmet itself did not seem well made. It had flashing all over the place, and seemed kind of flimsy overall. It was very light. In terms of fit, it was awful. It looked like a big mushroom on my head and the strapping was cumbersome and uncomfortable. I returned this product and ordered a Rudy Project Windmax for the same price from a different vendor. Absolutely love the fit and the advanced features (strapping, bug webbing, etc.) of the Rudy Project helmet.

  • SDeRoller - Best product ever

    I have been testing this for a couple weeks. Let me tell you. It has changed my life. I have always been ashamed of showing my feet do to a health issue cause sever cracked skin. This product has changed my life. I absolutely love it. So easy to use. Its amazing.

  • Some Buyer of Things - One sweet piece of web-browsing candy

    Great: This update to the Toshiba Chromebook 2 fixes the only real weak point of the prior version: CPU performance. This one has a Celeron 3215U; 16,500 on the Octane benchmark, 40fps on WebGL cubes @ 1920x1080. Literally more than twice as fast as the last one - I finally got it to stutter after opening 5 simultaneous 1080p youtube videos.There is a Core i3 version for $100 more, but this new Celeron is so fast I have no idea what tasks on a chromebook would require more muscle.

  • rawnda tesch - My chip bags were popped on both bags of chips ...

    My chip bags were popped on both bags of chips I bought. They were all over the box.I would appreciate new ones. Nacho cheese dorito's and sour cream and lays

  • Denny B - Perfect fit and vast improvement over other purchased a few ...

    Perfect fit and vast improvement over other purchased a few years ago. Product fit and the Velcro placement was excellent. Although you can buy cheaper the product quality and fit justifies the price in my view....would buy again.