Quut - Motion Sensor Base Station The MURS Alert trail monitoring system is a long range infrared motion detector system that can be used for monitoring game trails or for home security. Its kind of a long range driveway alarm or motion...

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  • Paid Advertiser - 1990's Solution for the 21st Century

    As an early adopter of officially released 2012, I may well have received the bug-farm edition ... v.v. 72-hr. crashes or hourly function freezes. After the fiasco of revision 2008, I had hoped for better from Microsoft; this hasn't been the case. No need for listing the litany of issues: buy it, and you'll experience them for yourself [and, expense a Keurig coffee maker and a nice cot for the all nighters]

  • Amazon Customer - Works consisrently

    Never buy the T-mobil retail store ones. I got 1 month ago. and it broke in 3 days. I am okay with TECHBEE`s product. They all work.

  • TruthRevealer - Diluted and A Waste of Money

    It's completely diluted and reeks of alcohol. This is not the authentic product. I have had this product before, and I do like what the real stuff can do. This version is watery and smells weird. It is obviously tampered with.

  • David Charron - Set up is NOT a breeze!

    Once assembled, the E25 model is solid. But boy oh boy is it time consuming to put together. SOLE advertised set up at 25-35 minutes. Come on! It is easily a 3 hour effort! With practice I suspect I could cut that time in half. If you can negotiate "set up" for a reasonable fee, run with it. Otherwise expect to get your heart rate up for the wrong reason.

  • Ashley - Love this Product

    Im totally in love with this face cleanser. Makes skin feel refreshed and clean. Has a wonderful clean smell also which is a plus. I recommend using this with facial cream.

  • Karen - Nice and bright with accurate speed display.

    The display is lovely and bright using the supplied film which has a very thin clear coating that has to be removed to expose the sticky side that fixes to the glass. Even with sun directly on the screen the speed display can be seen easily.

  • Ruth W - Works Amazingly

    Two months ago, a hairdresser had seriously messed up my hair. My hair has in a relaxer, but its generally really strong and curly - it's usually so strong that I can get away with doing things like relaxing my hair one week and coloring it the next without any serious breakage or problems. I put my hair through a LOT actually. Anyways, she bleached my hair and I hated it so two days later, I colored it over w permanent black. My hair was clearly damaged but I decided to wait it out.