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  • C. Smith - Good product but caveats exist.

    while this does an admirable job protecting your computer, the notion that you can " protect up to 3 devices" is apparently not true unless you update all devices when you do the initial install. so if you are buying this with the idea that you can buy another device later and enroll it, you would be in error.

  • dfauquier - Last Days

    Book arrived in excellent condition. The author reaches an acceptable conclusion. The reference to 2012 relates to the Mayan prophesies. Insightful analysis.

  • Amazon Customer - Of course nothing less than 5 stars

    My first book by her and I seen in the beginning she said it's a different style from her other work so I'm gonna have to catch up on her writing


    I have never tried any type of drops as a form of a diet. However, I happened to find this while looking for some b-12 drops for energy. I read the reviews, some good-some bad. I decided what the heck, I've practically drank every type of protein shake there is, what's a few drops going to hurt. I have now come to the conclusion that this is the BEST INVESTMENT EVER!! I am soooo pleased with this product.

  • jeff - Great looking light clean your bike up a lot in ...

    Great looking light clean your bike up a lot in the back looks more like a super sport from behind works good bolts up in about 20 minutes give or take a few yes I would buy this again