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  • Melanie Turnbull - Love/Hate Relatuonship with I'm Judging You: LOVE-LOVE relationship with Luvvie

    I'll start by saying that I'm a part of Luvvie's online community and I usually hang on to her every word because she's an undeniable genius. However, I struggled through this book. The number of metaphors used for minor topics and subtopics was mentally exhausting. BUT! The book had many funny moments and I laughed and highlighted my way through it. I didn't really gain new insight from this book ,which was disappointing, probably because I share ALL of the same views as the author. I had to constantly remind myself that her revelations should be applauded because it's not common knowledge even if I found it basic. I would describe this book as a carefree, scattered, brainstorming session. But I think that could be refreshing in this mundane world of order and structure. I loved and hated this book, with a way stronger lean towards love. Overall, i will still buy anything she ever writes, but I was hoping for a little more with this one.

  • Danielle A Cup and A Book - Another Fab Read from Ms. Grey

    Georgie Archibald is fantastic. Her spunk, strength, vulnerability, and tenacity are what make a great MC. Throughout the entire book Georgie refused to let life ruin her. Even at her lowest point, even when it was simply a mask to make it through, even in her weakness, she was strong. I adore that.

  • frankliana - ... at Aquatica for over 5 hours and it worked great. The only negative I can say in general ...

    I finally used the case at Aquatica for over 5 hours and it worked great. The only negative I can say in general is that it is hard to touch the screen when your hands are wet and the outside of case is too. I recommend purchasing this case to everyone plus it comes with the necklace that makes it easy to hold. We went on water rides, wave pools and water slides are never did i have a problem. Great buy!

  • Jay Rose - Don't Waste Your Money, This Isn't For You.

    I bought these things in hopes that I can give my self some much needed close up maintenance, specifically with my eyebrows. These didn't cut a single thing!

  • dave - Nice bright landscape lights

    When I open the box wow, these solar lights are really nice. What you get is 6 light with 6 poles about 10 inches high with spikes. The best thing when you put them out along the sidewalk or something else. Make sure you have direct sunlight and have the lights turn off for at least 24 hours so the battery's can get a full charge. I hope this review helps out for those that buy these lights.