Nanyang Pukang Group Chemical & Pharmaceutical Factory - We are the manufacture of many kinds of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, please check our products list as following:Our main products:1, clindamycin hcl(usp24)20bou/drum 500tons/year2, lincomycin hcl(bp98)20bou/drum 1500tons/year3, gentamycin sulphate(bp98)5bou/tin 1500tons/year4, caustic soda...

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  • Amazon Customer - I think it was a great modern take on a movie of my childhood

    I think it was a great modern take on a movie of my childhood. My kids laughed continuously also. I thought that it was great that they didnt just regurgitate the original. The cameos were wonderful and nostalgic also.

  • Linda - Llewellyn Witches datebook

    I buy two of these every year, one for myself and another for a friend. This is the first time I saw inaccurate information. The last few days of 2015 date & color was correct but signs & v/c's were incorrect luckily I had last year's book for correct info which I verified with my app that had v/c & signs. The rest seems correct but have not verified the entire year but will be careful to check as the weeks go by.

  • MBalter - Disappointed

    Im not sure what's the point with the images in this calendar. I bought if for a fan of Futurama but every imagine in it is just like a cross dressing, shame there wasn't a preview of the images.

  • SnowOwl - It bonds and holds well

    This is a great product. It bonds and holds well to whatever you are gluing. The glue will expanded up to 3-4 times what you use. So keep that in mine when using. I used this on my car. I had a piece of decorative trim coming off on the side of my car. It was not screwed on but glued from manufacturing. I used a little bit on this to glue it back on. Its holding great.

  • Sherry Georgia Burnett - Use it every day.

    I enjoy this with my green smoothies. I blend it with spinach, cilantry. chopped apples and celery and sometimes beets with distilled water. Use it every day. It cost less to buy through Amazon than ordering from the company, IVL

  • Michael P. Martin - Really enjoy Ringo & his All Starr band

    My wife and I went to see Ringo & His All Starr band in concert last year. What a concert it was! Not only did we get to see Ringo perform some of his greatest hits, we also saw a bit of rock history with the assortment of fine musicians who brought their own songs from the past with them. It was like we put a few bucks in a really good juke box and just hit play! This DVD captured the whole thing and we can't get enough of it. Its great to see all of these guys still playing great music, together! We plan to see every All Starr tour that Ringo puts together.

  • N. Brueheim - Feeling good !

    When I start my face routine, this is the product I reach for first. It holds my makeup on all day. A good start and finish to the day ! Nancy