Review: Over-the-Counter Nasal Allergy Spray | Nas - Bringwebsite - is 19 years old, Alexa global rank: #556839, Location: United States, Last updated: Friday, 28 October 2016.

  • Over-the-Counter Nasal Allergy Spray | Nas - Bringwebsite - is 19 years old, Alexa global rank: #556839, Location: United States, Last updated: Thursday, 03 November 2016.

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  • Pete C - Its a Stubby!

    I love my stubby! I initially got it based on the reviews but namely for its name, which I found hilarious. Before i got it my antenna kept hitting limbs while driving through trails. The Stubby looks great and picks up all radio stations in my area (greater Hampton Roads). I get a lot of compliments on it as well. Works and looks great. i would highly recommend.

  • s.wrrn - On my second bottle now

    I use a pump of this twice a day. I used to apply it only at night, but when I started using a prescription retinoid acne cream, my jacked-up skin needed some extra help and nourishment. This oil helped my skin through those dark times of adjusting to the retinoid and kept the flaky irritation at bay. I should also note that I switched over to Acure after Josie Maran's argan oil for over a year. Acure's argan oil is by far more affordable and I feel like Acure is a pretty down to earth brand that's also knowledgeable with their formulations and products (e.g. I like how this glass bottle is UV-etched to protect the argan oil from sun exposure). This argan oil feels thicker than Josie Maran's and does have an earthy smell to it–the oil feels less "processed" and more like a product of the earth, in my opinion. And from my personal perspective (and everyone is different), I don't think this product smells as horrific as other reviewers said (though their reviews are pretty funny to read, lol). To me it kind of smells like cardboard or something. It doesn't absorb too quickly though, so I'm sure to let it sit for a few minutes and use a primer if applying makeup on top.

  • Natalia - Caused Dryness and Breakouts

    I saw Miracle Skin Transformer in our local Costco store. Before purchasing it, I read reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a try based on so many positive experiences of others. I have a combination skin: my forehead tends to be normal to oily and cheeks and chin are normal to dry. I used Miracle Skin Transformer two times and both times it dried out my skin. In fact, if you looked closely, you could see tiny flakes on my cheeks, chin, and nose. I tried using a skin moisturizer first. I applied it to my face and waited about 15 minutes for it to absorb. Then I covered my face with Miracle Skin Transformer. Many people wrote that it goes on smoothly, and it does, only it feels like you are covering your face with a thin layer of plaster, the plaster that doesn't really cover up any blemishes you might have.

  • W. Keith Crowder - accept no substitutes

    Upgraded from Autocad lt 2006 and was pleasantly surprised at the familiarity with the older program. One can jump right in and draft as one did before. There are also many upgrades to the program that you can take your time to learn and discover. Yes, there are cheaper programs out there, but, if you're serious about your drawings save your pennies and buy the original.

  • Nina - Wonderfully Practical In Growing Together Spiritually

    My husband loved the profound thoughts they brought to everyday problems we face as couples and how the Word was broken down in a way that relates to our marriage! Never thought of the things they suggest for us to do for conflict resolution!

  • Chantelle Sundberg - Waffles Galore!

    I wasn't sure if I would like this as I read the reviews after I ordered this but so far it was well worth the money. I love my waffles, they come out golden, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside come out very nice, easy clean up. It has a very heavy duty plug and it is weighty, you can definitely feel the value(it is not too heavy, just right). I would recommend this waffle maker to anyone who loves great waffles fast!