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  • Joon Jo - BEWARE

    I purchased 3 cans of black, 3 cans of clear coat. I can't return the clear coat due to "shipping requiring special handling"...

  • J M P - DANGER not for people with soy allergies or thyroid disfunction

    This product despite description advertised does contain soybeans. Says so right on the label. If you are allergic beware. Most hypothyroid people are keenly aware that soy products have a negative impact on thyroid replacement uptake and possibly thyroid function entirely but as Tonalin is also suggested for those with a possible thyroid function issue that does not test to be a problem you might be making things worse instead of better. You can read several clinical studies suggesting that soy can make your thyroid worse--if you are not familiar with why soy is bad for thyroid function google it first before you decide if this product is a good idea.

  • Consumer_Zombie - good product, especially if your cycling

    I have been in the market for a messenger bag since maybe 2012/2013 winter well its now almost fall 2013/2014 And I was really dead set on a chrome mini metro , it was small and looked decent and water proof however the price was $120 and i really didn't feel like it would be worth the price but then i found this Tb2 bag had for two days now does exactly what i want it to , its small and not too heavy.. Great space and the Napoleon pocket is the greatest thing ever the only reason i gave 3 stars is because it didn't come with chest strap to keep the bag from fumbling around while on my bike ..i ordered one directly from tb2 for $4 and another negative is the color option , for an extra 25-45 dollars you could get a custom color for your bag in any size if you order from the site it self which i may do if this bag ever wears down


    I have used Quicken for a number of years but have abandoned because it has become too difficult to use. The annual expense was the final straw. Mint has replaced it.

  • Carolyn Shearlock - A Good Starting Point

    Before I bought this book, I did a bunch of other research on the internet: I accidentally found the first study when I was trying to figure out if my husband's anaphylactic allergic reaction (that the allergy doctor couldn't find a trigger for) could be to one of the medications he was taking. Lo and behold, I find several scientific research papers linking food allergies to long-term use of acid suppressors. Hmmmm . . . maybe this explained why a 71-year-old guy with NO history of allergies or asthma suddenly has them.

  • Linda Jean Jones - it does amplify

    not what I really expected, too much background noise. It did amplify the sounds but with the background noise it was just as difficult to hear.

  • D. Roberts - Don't recommend this

    I have beautiful textured concrete floors in my basement. I read all the reviews and ordered the FloorMate, got it yesterday, moved carpets and furniture out and used it for 500 square feet of flooring. I had to go over the same areas repeatedly to get them wet enough to actually see solid wetness. Yes, it picked up a lot of dirt, but it was far too much work, then you have to clean the water tanks, brushes and nozzle. I could have used a soft brush that I have with a long handle and done a better job with not much more work. It didn't pick up much of the water on the floors, either. On my smoother kitchen floor, it didn't pick up hardly any of the water. I dried the water with a towel and the towel came up very dirty. I am returning this and trying the Bissell 5200 hard floor cleaner. I will review that one after I try it.