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  • J. Daigneault - MMMMmmm

    I had read a bunch of reviews from guys saying they were offended by all the jokes against males, so I thought they were just being "we todd it". I mean there are soooo many movies with the bimbo girl and we ladies don't even blink twice it's been brainwashed into our heads that it's acceptable. I say if you can dish it you can take it. Unfortunately that is not what's wrong with the movie. It's just not a blockbuster. My favorite parts were when they play the original theme song and the dancing. I would have jumped out of bed and did a dance myself if they had played the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters song! …."we're gonna have to take control…" Oh well.

  • terster - Much better than previous versions

    We absolutely hated what Microsoft did with office 2007. The learning curve was so high and even today... still hate it. Then Office 2010 came out and it was a step in the right direction but again, still hard to find things. Whomever their experts are that says that the RIBBONS are awesome... must have been power users and not the average person. Now we have Office 2013 and Office 365 which are basically the same thing, minor differences.

  • Tom Rombouts - A solid addition to your investment portfolio

    At the recent quote of $6,800 (based on a par value of $8,450) I am recommending a "Buy" on these cables to my current clients. Outstanding market option commitments on this offering suggest potential for strong price growth over the next three fiscal quarters, despite a choppy overall financial climate. However, should the price fall below $6,400 I would get out quickly, and would strongly suggest looking at moving into Sennheiser earbuds instead.

  • Alfred H Ervin Jr - I know my blood pressure all the time.

    The monitor is a strong part of self monitoring my health. In the iPad and iPhone TactioHealth uses the blood pressure monitor to give me a spot check on my health. The docking system can charge your mobile devices.

  • PB2008 - Interesting feature changes, very poor user interface; update - Office 2003 menu add-in

    I just upgraded from Office 2003 Professional to 2010 Professional. While there have been some feature improvements, the user interface (UI) seems poorly designed from an ergonomic perspective.

  • John Doe - Good-looking, nicely fitted case

    This is a good-looking case that fits well. The holes and buttons are all in the right place, and I like the textured cloth-like pattern on the cover and rear parts. The Apple Pencil fits snugly into its holder. The cover over the power button is pretty stiff, but otherwise it's all just right.

  • Drew - The stickers were cheap. They didn't have the players ...

    The stickers were cheap. They didn't have the players team name on them nor did they have the players bye weeks. And the draft board was way to big for a draft board. I would not buy this draft board again