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  • J. Solares - A great upgrade from the ps3

    I have a PC and love playing on it, but one thing that i kind of lost passion for growing up was upgrading it with new ram and vid cards. so i turned to a ps3 and didnt look back, i still use my pc for steam summer sales and what not but after getting hooked on alot of ps exclusive games, i decided to stay with the ps family. I sold my ps3 and bought a ps4 and i can safely say im loving it so far. The games i have right now are BF4 and infamous 2nd son. I recomend those games because bF4 gives you the scope of what the ps4 can do in MP games (64 players and huge maps). second son looks beautiful and the new framerate looks amazing (mostly when theres 2 or 3 building falling down and you're just causing more chaos with your smoke powers). lucky for me theres so many more games coming, a personal favorite, The last of us remastered (i finished it on ps3 and cant wait to replay it on PS4). I recomend watching a few youtube gamplay videos on youtube and videoreviews of games to see which one fits your taste. Its not much different from the xboxone or the pc when it comes to the visuals of games, alot of art styles out there and gameplay styles. In the end it just comes down to what kind of games you like.

  • Renee M - One week of use... so far so good....

    I recently purchased the "Baebody Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles and Bags - The Most Effective Anti Aging Eye Gel for Under and Around Eyes - 1.7 fl oz".

  • Kent Mills - Classic!

    Not sure what to say about a song. I love it; it's a great song. However, music is very subjective, so pick for yourself.

  • Linda - Definitely do not order a "TRIAL" from the company itself!

    I ordered a trial of Life Cell face Cream directly from the company. You were only to be charged shipping and then after 30 days be charged the $189.00. If I did not like it I was supposed to be able to cancel before the 30 days so I would not be charged the $189.00. Life Cell put a pre-authorization hold of $189.00 on my checking account! They DID NOT remove the pre-authorization therefore they took $189.00 out of my checking account! This caused me to have 4 charges overdraw on my account (and the fees)! Being right after Christmas, I did not have a surplus of funds in my account. (My bank said, even if they do not cancel the pre-auth/hold, it stays on my account for 10 days. PLUS - I have overdraft fees now on 4 items!)

  • Amazon Customer - this works! -like anything else you do need to ...

    this works! -like anything else you do need to use for a few weeks to notice results, nothing is over night ladies!!