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  • TKO125 - Superb Quality and Performance.

    This is my 3rd stubby antenna for my 2010 4Runner Limited. It is by far the best in terms of quality of materials and construction. One of the major flaws with the other low-profile antennas on the market is their multi piece construction which results in poor signal reception capability and structural weakness. The fact that the Stubby is 1 piece construction makes for a stronger antenna (no issues through the car wash) and improved reception when compared to the 2 previous I owned. The packaging was smart and an outgoing inspection card came with the antenna as a point of reference should I run into any quality issues down the road.

  • C. J. G. - This is a good product but

    This is a good product but , I only use one tablet before each meal. The product says to use four a day but, I don't wish to have diarrhea like some of the other customers stated.You have to make your own judgement on the usage of this product.

  • Francisco Moya Huff - Ringo and band are fun and great.

    He and the All Starr Band played their concert in Puerto Rico a couple of weekends ago and they were great. This DVD is the closest to seeing him and the all starr band live.

  • Scott McIlhany - Innovators! Changing the Naner Industry!

    I bought the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer with the intention of increasing productivity at my new vending business, `Naner-on-a-Pick'. With the recent upswing in the economy, the market was `ripe' for a vending cart that specialized in naner slices on toothpicks and I swooped in to corner the business. We had the usual growing pains, but when business started to sky-rocket, I was left without a way to cut uniform naner slices on the fly; enter the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer. At first we had issues with this product; too often the naners were curved in the opposite direction of the slicer. This frequently left us with non-uniform naner slices and even worse, uncut naner ends where the naner curved outside of the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer's frame (`naner waste' is the bane of our industry). In frustration I wrote to Victorio Kitchen Products and remarkably, Victor V Victorio himself flew out to address our issue. He studied our dilemma for 3 days and flew in 3 additional Nanologists. Well, finally, after six months and 7 prototypes, they designed and fabricated a machine that makes every naner curve the same way as the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer. I'm not sure how the `Nanerflipper 2013' works, but I thank my stars every day for it. It's the best $127,209.99 I ever spent.

  • cardmaker - coolant leak

    I put this into my car as soon as I received it and it appears to be working. I need a little more time to be sure.

  • Abdullah - not like professional

    it is not like professional but can do job if you keep patient , I bought it thought it like the one in medical centers but actually it is not

  • C. Panus - Fantastic Tool!

    We purchased this Nasal Vac when the Nosefrida wasn't getting the job done with my 25 weeker. We use a car vac instead of our house vac, because I don't want to risk our big vacuum's motor. It is Amazing! We use saline and this attachment and really get her cleaned out. Because she was on oxygen so long in the hospital, her lungs are damaged and keeping her upper airway cleaned out helps keep us out of the hospital longer when she is sick. The suction is not overpowering, she only fusses a little when we use the Nasal Vac. However, the suction is strong enough that we can put saline in one nostril and suck it out of the other enabling a saline wash.