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  • Mom of two and pregnant again! - Great Detangler for Fine Hair

    I just wanted to put in a review for this product to let people know it work wonders for my girls fine thin hair. It smells wonderful and makes it so soft. So even if you aren't the target market for this product, don't let that sway you. It is a good detangler and smells great too (reminds me of babies..). We purchase it at Target in the African American hair care product section.

  • Jeff Benham - Bumoy road onthe way to Shiloh Ranch!

    On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. Well not exactly. The Ryman’s finally get the old Jeep on the road, but the highway is the most dangerous place for them. This story covers days 15 to 19 of the blackout. They have hopes that if they can make it to the Shiloh Ranch, they might escape some of the turmoil happening around them. You meet all sorts of people on this road trip. Like Betty Jean Pusser, daughter of legendary Sheriff Buford Pusser, who does not think her father’s death was an accident, and is rumored to have done something about it. And Old Man Percy, who Sho ‘Nuf didn’t even know there was a blackout because he didn’t have no electricity no how. “My mama always said ya lives by da sun and ya dies by da sun.She weren’t never wrong.” Most of the folks you meet along this journey, though, are not this colorful. There are bad folks that want to take what isn’t theirs, no matter the cost to others. There are those that are confused and lost and there are good people that will defend what is theirs against all comers. Like the ten maidens in Jesus’ parable about the bride groom. Some were prepared and some were not. Enjoy the ride knowing the Rymans are the ones getting shot at, and who are shooting back, not you. As you probably surmise, they finally get to Shiloh Ranch, but that is a book for another telling. I love the action and the reality of these story, along with the fact that it is suitable for all ages.