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  • kphsilver - Good book for ICD-10

    Gives you good coding tips in each chapter. I only wish the answer for the end-of-chapter questions were included; otherwise I would have given this book five stars.

  • HAN D NGUYEN - Good affordable laptop

    After uninstalling all not needed apps, download free antivirus, this baby flies for my web browsing need. Thicker than I wanted, but battery is replaceable. With IPS screen and 4MB memory, it stirs me toward this laptop instead of the lighter, slower and longer battery time IBM.

  • zpka2410 - Beware of this imitation

    I read reviews about Amazon selling a deluted version of what you can get at a beauty store, but I thought that I would have a better experience. Well I was very wrong! the minute I opened the bottle, the smell of alcohol was overpowering. I did shake the bottle before using but it was not enough apparently. I've tried this oil before and it is amazing but I purchased it at a beauty store, and the smell is so pleasant so there is no way this is the same product. Im not using this crap on my hair because the alcohol will not only destroy my color, but it would probably fry my hair as well since I have thin but puffy hair. Never again! and hope you do yourself a favor and get it from a real supplier of Biosilk.