Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Nueva Psiquiatría nace con la finalidad de promover todo tipo de medidas encaminadas al cambio y la mejora del actual sistema de atención psiquiátrica.

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  • Colaboraciones | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Colaboraciones de profesionales de la salud mantal: psiquiatras, psicólogos, enfermeras, trabajadores sociales, terapeutas ocupacionales...
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  • Asociación | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Nueva Psiquiatría nace con la finalidad de promover todo tipo de medidas encaminadas a conseguir el cambio y la mejora del actual sistema de atención
  • Grupos Abiertos Terapéuticos | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Los Grupos Abiertos Terapéuticos (GATs) son la herramienta de trabajo fundamental de la Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría.
  • Hazte socio/a | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Página para hacerte socio/a de la Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría. Te explicamos cómo hacerlo.
  • Testimonios de personas que han sufrido un ingreso psiquiátrico involuntario | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Pedimos desde aquí a cuantos hayan sufrido un ingreso psiquiátrico involuntario que se animen a contarnos su experiencia.
  • Los psiquiatras no ven bien la Estrategia Nacional de Salud Mental | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Manuel Gómez Beneyto, excoordinador de la Estrategia Nacional de Salud Mental, critica un cúmulo de errores en el plan que él inició en 2007.
  • VI jornadas de jóvenes profesionales de la salud mental | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - Ana Carralero Montero, enfermera especialista en Salud Mental del CSM San Blas de Madrid habla sobre “Coerción y Violencia en Salud Mental”.
  • Guía de salud mental para el entorno de la persona en crisis | Asociación Nueva Psiquiatría - En esta guía se dan algunas pinceladas acerca de cómo comunicarse, qué hacer con respecto a la ayuda profesional, cómo poner límites, cómo acompañar...

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  • A Reader - User interface kills it

    I purchased this directly from Acronis to upgrade from Acronis 2014. While it does create backups and you can restore those backups, the user interface is worthless. It uses the BIG graphics and text, wasting a huge amount of space. When it comes to restoring a file, it is very hard to find the file (you have to keep scrolling and mousing around in what amounts to pinhole access to an acre of ground). The it is hard to determine just WHICH backup you are restoring.

  • F. Sherman - Don't waste your money.

    Yes it's fast, but if you're like me and you're looking at this modem because of it's built in wireless "N", keep on moving. I can be ten feet away from this modem and I'll only get a 60% signal. If I go out of the room I'm lucky to keep a connection.

  • M3TR05TAT10N - used it in school love it i kinda got out of it but if ...

    used it in school love it i kinda got out of it but if you go to their website and look around you can get the full program for free if the school you go to is in it i did worked great thinking about redownloading it its fun to mess around with

  • Mommy of 4 - Save Your $$$

    So, if our LeapPad Ultra actually worked - maybe we would have given it more stars for being fun. But its not much fun to spend hours upon hours working with LeapFrog to try and figure out what is wrong with our device. It worked for 2 days before hitting a "Bug." Since then, my daughter looks at it and yells "I hate this thing." When I was paying $150 for this thing, I stopped and asked myself why I wasn't just saving the money and buying an ipad mini as I know Apple has great customer service. I should have listened to myself.

  • jonna overson - Cool to look at, not great in practice

    This product was a very big let down. I bought this one, and a smaller temperature/ hygrometer reader at the same time. Both units were put into my incubator to measure temperature and humidity, and I inserted my calibrated digital cooking thermometer to see how precise the temperature readings were. This unit was consistently about four degrees off from the other two instruments. The humidity readings would fluctuate, but stayed fairly close to the other unit. For such a slick looking device, I expected more precision. This unit seems more like a ballpark gizmo, rather than a reliable tool.