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  • Anna Fritz - Smells nice

    I don't know that this baby soap "calms" my 4 month old and more than any other bath product, but it smells nice and does a good job getting the baby crusties (you know what I'm talking about) off of his chubby neck rolls.

  • ACTBlows - Don't believe the false reviews here - ACT is horrible

    I provide IT support for an ACT customer. I recently upgraded them to ACT Pro 2012. I contacted Sage support for installation help and was contacted by a Sage Client Account Manager. He explained that I would have to purchase support because 30 days had expired since the purchase of the software. I asked if he knew why the program would be operating slowly for everyone in our office. He said that I would need to purchase the more expensive version, ACT Premium 2012, for increased speed. The original salesman never mentioned the speed limitations of the ACT Pro version.

  • E. Wolf - I am impressed

    I'm out of shape. Desperately out of shape. 2 pregnancies and 7 years out of shape. And damn busy.

  • Lucy Ricardo - The best

    So I ordered this machine because my Hoover steam mop fell on its side and the tank cracked (which is another review because its a piece of junk). When I got it, the box was damaged but the machine wasn't. I put it together and decided to give it a whirl. It was doomed from the beginning because it was late and I was tired. It soaked the floor and wouldn't dry it and I thought the other reviewers were right about the drying function not working. BUT the next day I realized it was because the machine had a piece of cardboard on the inside of the squeegee part that I neglected to remove. Now the machine works perfectly.

  • Queens Determination - but results were consistently bad. I was foolish enough to try and coat ...

    I had high hopes for this product based on some of the promotional videos I've seen - it looked promising, with water beading off the product. I've since tried it on a number of different things, with equivalent and disastrous results. Each time, the water beading effect -- if it worked -- was very short lived. After that ceased, there seemed to be no increased water resistance and whatever I had coated was left with a rough surface texture from the primer as well as slightly gritty/sticky.

  • Ahmad Mahdi - Perfect Product

    If anybody remember the struggle with antivirus products long time ago, and their problem with slowing the computer. I tired many product so far, but when it comes to the protection and trustfulness Norton is number one in the market. They have been developing their product in such a way that save you money and time.