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  • Serious - Through away the Advantage!

    I used this product for approximately 10 years and I would never even think of using advantage or anything else like it. This product works to perfection! In fact, it keeps working long after the 1-year time frame they say it does as long as you don't shampoo the carpet.

  • Mark Robinson - Great Printer but sadly not yet ready for Mac OS X and iOS of 9/15

    There is no doubt this printer is great. It bangs out full page color and BW with a minimal ink hit - load up those reservoirs and forget about changing the ink for a LONG time.

  • Teddy - This is our 4th prius and my favorite by far

    We have had our 2016 since May and have almost 6000 miles on it. This is our 4th prius and my favorite by far. The milage is improved greatly and the interior has a really nice feel to it. Road noise is so much less and I expect it will be just as reliable as the others. Never had any of them in for any service problems. People are quick to turn their backs on hybrids when gas is cheap but forget that prius owners save on gas too. Paying for gas is a non issue. Literally less than stopping for coffee twice a week. These vehicles are being used as taxies and getting well over 250,000 miles on them. Check this car out. It is much more stylish and will save you money everyday.