OneOme is making prescriptions personal through affordable PGx testing - OneOme brings pharmacogenomics to healthcare providers, to help them prescribe optimal drug therapy the first time, based on each patient's DNA and current prescriptions.

  • Contact information, contact OneOme with your questions. - Contact information. Email and phone contact information for customers with general, technical and feature request questions.
  • The OneOme solution for personalized pharmacogenomics - Our clinical PGx database only includes drugs with strong scientific data supporting drug-pharmacogene relationships displayed on clear, actionable reports.
  • Reasons to prescribe the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - Avoid prescribing drugs that may cause ADRs. Increase safety and effectiveness of prescribed drugs. Improve the economic efficiency of healthcare.
  • Details of the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test includes 23 genes and over 250 drugs. Comprehensive. Individualized. Credible. Actionable. Accessible.
  • OneOme Resources - OneOme’s RightMed™ pharmacogenomics test helps healthcare providers with timely, evidence-based prescription decisions by combining a patient’s genetic profile and current medications in an interactive report that easily integrates into current practices. OneOme’s RightMed test covers cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, psychiatric conditions, and more. The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care.
  • Provider information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - Use pharmacogenomic information to make informed prescription decisions. Reduce side effects. Limit ADRs. Increase effectiveness. Prevent interactions.
  • Pharmacist information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - Use pharmacogenomic information to expand pharmacological knowledge. Detect incompatibilities. Guide drug monitoring.
  • Patient information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - What the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test can tell your doctor. Hear patient success stories. How to talk to your doctor about OneOme.
  • How to get the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - Step by step instructions on how to get the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test, provide a sample, and discuss results with your doctor.

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    This is the third of these devices that I have purchased. After a period of approximately 2-3 years I don't keep records), the tubing breaks and the water sprays the room. If this weren't the "only game in town", I'd be happy to find a vendor that makes a device that lasts. I suppose this is an excellent example of American capitalism requiring repeat consumer spending for the same thing over and over.

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