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  • Shashank K. - Everything you could want and more

    This phone is absolutely amazing. I could go on about the class leading camera, the all-day battery life, the amazing screen, the unquestionably useful Always On Display. That's probably not the most impressive thing about this phone though. Think about an iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus. Now think of the most annoying problem with that phone. If you're like me then the most annoying problem is undoubtedly the ENORMOUS bezels on the side of the phone. For those of us who want a bigger screen (because it usually means more features/a better viewing experience) the iPhone is damn near impossible to hold in the hand because after the screen ends, there is a huge swath of space on the sides that add several critical millimeters to the width of the phone. Not with this phone. The curved display not only looks amazing, but serves to give the phone a very compact footprint for the 5.5" screen you are getting.

  • Christine M. - Super hero fleas and krytomite

    Either I have super hero fleas or this product is building immunity up in fleas as it did not even cut down on what I was dealing with. at this juncture, my animals, who have never had fleas before in their ten years, are being bathed every other day in something called adams flea shampoo, along with adams flea spray on the carpets. my house stinks like a chemical plant but I am finally seeing a reduction in fleas. Shoulda saved the 50 bucks from the flea busters.

  • Alexis McMahan - i actually love it!

    i actually love it!!!! after I got the hang of it to use it. lets see if I get my flat tummy I always want now.

  • Ken Cox - Excellent

    Well packaged for shipping. Color matched perfectly. Simple instructions and easy installation. No problems after installation and car looks great with the extra trim.

  • Matthew C. Crossman - It's bad. Just don't.

    Oh man. I should have stopped, but I wanted to see how it ended. I read the first book and it was okay. I enjoyed it enough to buy the second. I really did not like the second, but I wanted to see how it ended, so I got the third...I almost want to congratulate the author and pulling such a great con. You got my money sir. Good for you.

  • Amazon Customer - This has been my favorite mouse ever

    This has been my favorite mouse ever. The scroll wheel with hyper scroll is fantastic. The buttons are all great. The sensor is phenomenal. The buttons are all superb. The only thing I would like to see improved is the shape. It is slightly weird with it being ambidextrous. Other than that it is by far the best mouse I have ever used.

  • Nomad - Online business plan to income extra money

    Passive income will give you the opportunities of doing work once and reaping the benefits gradually for years to come. This book will share you different ideas about online business that is considered as the source of passive income. You will be introduced with numerous lucrative and reliable passive income streams with all the essentials to get started with. It is recommended.