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Osteoporose - BEHANDELING: osteoporose / botontkalking. De behandeling is op basis van wetenschappelijk onderzoek ontwikkeld.

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    i received the Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights at no charge to myself as part of a promotion from the seller who is tring to get is product and brand name out there.

  • R. Shelley - I've used it for a year. Highly recommend!!!

    I have used this for a year. This product is worth its weight in gold. The women on Waikiki who sold this to me were awesome and loaded on the discounts. I had never spent so much for any product in my life but I'm so glad I did. My skin is the best it's even been. I can tell when my skin is very well exfoliated because it won't ball up like it typically does. When my skin builds up a dead layer, this stuff takes it off big time. I use it once a week and haven't run out yet. Be patient and keep it up. You'll see the results. Ensure your face is completely clean dry before you use it. Otherwise, you'll just be taking off old makeup and residue. Make sure to moisturize right after. Enjoy.

  • J. Abramson - Safe and Sound

    Our computer geek turned us on to this when a virus made it through our other virus security program and ate a hard drive. Have this on all our computers, both desktop and laptops. Have never had an incident or attack make it though ever since.

  • Barbara rosten - and would be nice to have a temperature control on it

    I thought this would be something I would be able to master. Nope. I can get one curl, and then after that, I can't get anything to curl. I have watched the video's, and even took it to my stylist to try. She had a very hard time getting it to work too. It heats up REALLY hot, and would be nice to have a temperature control on it. I wish I could give it a better review, but I can't.

  • Mykey - Great for midnight trips to bathroom!!

    Great motion nightlight for getting up in the middle of the night. No batteries, charges by USB which is nice. I used the double stick tape to mount magnet and put it on bed frame! I received this at a discount for an honest review and it works great.