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Outpatient Detox - Las Virgenes Behavioral Health Clinic - Las Virgenes Behavioral Health and Medical Clinic offers outpatient detox, drug and alcohol rehab programs, and mental health services in southern California.

  • http://outpatient-detox.com/addiction-treatment/ Addiction Treatment | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - Dr. Mohammad's experience in the fields of addiction treatment medicine, dual diagnosis and psychiatry are nationally recognized and respected.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/opiate-addiction-treatment/ Opiate Addiction Treatment | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - The first step of opiate addiction treatment involves detox, and will be guided by the care of trained medical doctor, followed by a maintenance program.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/agonist-and-antagonist-therapy-for-drug-addiction/ Agonist & Antagonist Therapy | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - Agonist and antagonist therapy for addiction provides a safe and comfortable way to approach detox.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/outpatient-detox-treatment-programs/ Outpatient Detox Treatment Programs | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - Dr. Mohammad has elevated the detox process to a new level of ease and comfort. Our staff cares about each clients and does everything to ensure their safety.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/outpatient-detox-alcohol-programs/ Outpatient Alcohol Detox Programs | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - It's important to understand the symptoms and treatment of alcoholism before entering into an Outpatient Alcohol Detox Program.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/dual-diagnosis/ Dual Diagnosis and Co-occurring Disorders | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - Dual diagnosis refers to the combination of a mood disorder along with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The phrase co-occurring disorders is often used as well
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/outpatient-treatment-for-depression-and-substance-abuse/ Outpatient Treatment For Depression & Substance Abuse | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D. is nationally recognized for his expertise in the areas of Depression Treatment and Substance Abuse, also known as a dual diagnosis.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/psychiatrist/ Psychiatrist for Depression, Addiction & Mental Health | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - We have psychiatrists and psychologists to work with underlying emotional or mental health disorders and treat addiction and the mental illness simultaneously.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/tms-treatment/ TMS Therapy Treatment | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - TMS Therapy (TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a new, non-invasive treatment that often works better than medication for Depression.
  • http://outpatient-detox.com/the-anatomy-of-addiction-by-akikur-mohammad-md/ The Anatomy of Addiction by Akikur Mohammad, MD | Las Virgenes Behavioral Health - The Anatomy of Addiction book explores what research tells us about the causes, best preventive techniques, and most successful treatments are for addiction.

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