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  • Lorna Mason - Looks amazing

    I am giving this product five stars as I was aware of the difficulty with the brake pedal, with a lot of persistence and patience it will go on. The gas pedal slips right on. They look amazing.

  • Socal Hop Head - Macgyver

    Ripped through the front pocket of my dockers and broke two of my toes in the process. Not recommended for daily carry. I still haven't figured out how to use the fork and knife at the same time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Michelle - Love Love Love!!!

    I have extremely thick curly long hair and this iron does wonders for it!!! I can go from frizz ball to beautiful silky smooth curls in about 20 mins. I had a hard time getting the hang of it at first, in fact I've owned the iron for over a year before I did anything with it besides just straighten my hair. I watched the youtube videos over and over, but I finally made a facetime appt with one of the assistance and that's what finally helped me get it right everytime. The trick really is making sure you go slow and steady to get the curls that you want. I was going too fast for fear of burning my hair but once I slowed down they came out perfect and consistent. I recommend this iron 120%!!!! It is well worth the price!! Not only do you get a great flat iron, but you basically get your personal trainer on how to use it too. Customer service for tyme is A++. It is tricky to retrain yourself to use it the right way but once you do you wont ever go back to any other method. I love that I dont have to straighten my hair and then go back and try to curl it, I can just wash, dry and then curl it. It smooths all the frizz out as Im curling it.