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  • Jocelyn - Harry Potter fans will love this!

    I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I love cooking/baking. I thought this would be an amazing book to have so I got it and I'm glad I did! They have so many cool recipes that come from the Harry Potter books.

  • Juan Carlos Leal - Do not buy this piece

    I bought 10 of this and half of them do not work property, this is a disposable product, do not waste your money and time.

  • Neil - The ONLY book you need to get a 250+ on Step 1

    My approach to Step 1 is to focus on practice questions and minimize the number of resources. Too many books will use up valuable time and cause frustration since you will not be able to get through every review book. Purchase all the necessary resources prior to your dedicated study time. Save the Uworld questions for your dedicated study time. If you want to do practice questions during second year, use another Qbank like USMLE Rx. Also, don't add class notes into First Aid. Much of what you learn is clinical and not relevant for Step 1. Next, figure out how much time you'll need to study. I recommend 5 weeks - shorter and you may feel rushed, longer and you will burn out. This will also leave you vacation time after the exam to relax before third year. Make a schedule and attempt to follow it. Get through First Aid three times and complete all of USMLE world and you will be set.

  • Tim C - Wireless and Rechargable! Handy Motion Activated Light!

    This is the fifth light of this type I have bought. They are all from different vendors and some have a different branding but they are all pretty much the same light. These lights are awesome and do exactly what they are advertised to do. This paticular one is a little different as it does not take batteries. This light has a built-in rechargable battery that you charge via a standard USB connector. There are so many uses: Closet, cabinet, gun safe, camper, garage, hallway, bathroom, bedroom as a night light, etc. This light will not come on if there is sufficient light in the room. It will only illuminate if it is dark and it senses motion within about 3 meters. The light is made from aluminum and hard plastic. Very durable. The light has a magnetic strip that has a 3M adhesive tape. Install the magnetic strip with the adhesive to the surface you want to mount the light on and then the light clings to the magnet. You can remove the light to replace batteries as needed. I review products and have had the opportunity to receive a few of these from various vendors at a discount in order to evaluate and provide an unbiased review. I received this one at a discount as well. I will continue to request them from different vendors to build up a nice supply of them but when that honey-pot runs dry I plan on purchasing a few more at full price. At full price these are worth it. I would literally like to have 20 or so for my personal use and then I will most likely buy more for Christmas gifts. These lights are truly awesome!

  • Amazon Customer - Yowsa

    With a party of 15 in Tommy's den, there was no preparation whatsoever for what followed. It began to sound like someone let the air out of the party balloons. You know, when the balloons go flying and spinning around the room. Then the gasps, stench and horror of it all. Next time I'll stick with shake n bake.

  • sassysuzie - USE CHEAP BIOTIN

    This product is a total rip off. There is NOTHNG that will ever make hair grow back. I know I've tried everything. Two dermo Dr.'s told me the same thing. I started taking Biotin sold here & 10,000 mils is the highest you can get . It stops hair loss in 2 weeks and the body came back, this is when people start inspecting their hair & find very short pieces around their hairline thinking it's new growth, it's not. It's a "sign" of hair loss. My short pieces have grown but hair has not and will never fill in. Don't be taken in by all these products. Biotin is for hair, skin and nails. Same as this expensive junk people lure desperate people in with

  • B. R - Awesome lantern!

    This is just an AWESOME lantern! This lantern/flashlight is just the coolest thing I've received in a long time. It has two different static light settings as well as a strobe option. With a slight pull the flashlight extends into lantern mode which gives a nice bright 360 degree output. When I received it I charged it up until full (has battery gauge on top) and tested its longevity. It was able to last over 10 hours on a single charge. It has two hooks and some strong magnets that make it very versatile for any situation. I think it is useful that it can output a charge in case there is a power outage and your phone needs some more juice. The only negative I see is that to charge the lantern you need to use its built in cable that is a tad short. Being so short I can foresee a break at some point down the road so I would have rather had a micro usb input to charge the lantern. Having said that, the cable is working great now so I cannot dock it a star at this moment. I truly recommend this to anyone looking for a small lantern for emergencies or some extra lightning for that party that went a little long. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.