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  • Adele Montana - Nifty little manual coffee "maker"

    I got this because I broke my single serve Black and Decker coffee maker when it was still new and didn't want to shell out much money to replace it so soon. I saw this and thought, what the heck, but didn't expect much. It was an "add-on" item through Prime. Wow! It works great for a quick cup of coffee in the morning. Just put the coffee in the net basket and pour hot water through it into the cup. I wait a few minutes, then squeeze out the remaining brewed coffee, and set it aside to dry out so I can shake the grounds into the trash or my garden later. The coffee that results is very decent. I'm quite happy I got this and may get another. It collapses flat for storage or traveling, and it's very well made.

  • N. Soliz - Works as advertised, but leave a slight gray film if sprayed on black/glass items.

    Great product, seems to last for a while just so long as you don't touch it with your hand due to oils for long periods of time.

  • Ami R. Newmeyer - Oil stop leak.

    I bought a bottle of this at Discount Auto over 3 months ago for my truck. I ordered this bottle for insurance