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  • Ariana - When can I get the rest??

    Typically, I fly through the beginning chapters of books to get to the meaty parts- I have the attention span of a thermos. Not the case with Chasing Mayflies! Every paragraph is a complete pleasure and I found myself rereading pages rather than skipping them as I quite often do! This story's greatest success is that it keeps you super interested, invested in the characters, and wanting more, can't wait for the rest!!!

  • Brad H - This is a great product to aid with perfect golden brown chocolate chip ...

    This is a great product to aid with perfect golden brown chocolate chip cookies. I use the non -stick version of Reynolds regularly for items that need a perfect glide off of the baking sheet when done (cookies,ect -that you do not want to break apart) and/or for items like salmon and chicken that need to be flipped half way through cooking. The product is a higher price so be sure to only use it for cooking and have a cheaper roll available for wrapping and food storage where you do not need the no-stick. The product is embossed with the Reynolds logo on the actually foil giving it a "designer" look.

  • Bryan Martins - Great w/ limitations.

    It took me a while to figure out how to get it down to a true 0 cut. And now, a few months in, it will randomly seize on me. To fix it I usually smack it a few times but once it starts it's hard to keep it going smoothly again.

  • Cecilia Kyung Hyun Ko - has decent material that covers pretty much everything

    has decent material that covers pretty much everything. But it seems like the subjects are skimmed through and not throughly written. Great workbook to have about 2 weeks before taking SAT to review.

  • Leeski - multifaceted

    I have tried this product off and on for several years but want to make sure, from this point to keep some in stock. I take about a tablespoon a day and wash it down with a green smoothie...I have excellent results in lowered blood sugar and the gall bladder pain I was previously experiencing has all but disappeared. I also use it on my temples when I feel a slight headache coming on and it changes my whole disposition. I recommend this oil for those who want to increase their health benefits holistically.

  • kristy teel - Very Messy

    It was really exited about this product the first time I ordered it. I love this brand. It came in very good packaging with bubble wrap and that the cute little jar wouldn't break which is good. I opened it up and saw a smaller jar smaller than what I thought it was going to be but there was a LOT of product in this jar. However, when I opened it I didn't realize It was going to be a powder and not a gel and some of it went all over my counter but it was easy clean up. I finally used it that night and i'm glad I did it at night because I put a small bit on my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, My whole mouth became black, my toothbrush as well and spots of my face, clothes, and counter. It was just a big mess. So I like that its organic and it does work good however it's extremely messy and I would also use a new toothbrush when using this product. Disclaimer: I got this product for free and exchange for a review but my review is very honest.

  • MawMaw51 - My teeth are so white now.

    My teeth are so white now. I really never knew how dingy looking my teeth were until I decided to do this whitener. I have before and after pictures that my hubby took and I almost can't believe that my teeth could be whitened about 4 shades whiter than they were. This stuff really works. The AuraGlow teeth whitening kit is easy to use and the results were amazing on my teeth. I did buy this at a reduced or free price to try it out but I will be buying it again in the future because it definitely works. Thanks for a great quality product that actually works.