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  • xerces1492 - Great mid-range bike!

    I got my Trace Sport at Performance Bikes with a white/red/black color scheme (it was a special edition I think). I actually didn't know how to ride a bike before I got this one (go ahead, laugh) but don't be fooled, I've tested other bikes after this one but this is a great bike for the price and I'm really happy with it. It has all the speed of a road bike with the ruggedness (and heft) of a mountain bike. The fastest gear is super-fast and if you're in city traffic you'll find yourself pulling out in front of the car next to you from a dead stop. Along with the fast, smooth drivetrain comes a pair of cabled disc brakes which are extremely useful among Pittsburgh's many hills. Don't touch the rotors after a long, steep descent though. It's a very confident ride especially where potholes are common; this bike handles all sorts of hazards like a champ. It's pretty light as well for everyday commuting but it can't beat a road bike in that department. My only qualm is that the frame is pretty wide to make space for the brakes and since disc brakes still aren't terribly common, you're going to need to spec order some parts (rear racks for instance). Even so, this bike has great value written all over it.

  • PinkThunder - I absolutely love the taste of this product

    I absolutely love the taste of this product! I train intensely and heavy, every week, plus I run every day. This is essential for my recovery in the gym! The best part about these aminos, they blend perfectly without much effort. I sometimes mix it with the MT Creacore post workout to enhance and speed up my recovery. Amazing product. I stack this with NeuroCore and Muscle Builder and have had amazing results in the past 6 or so weeks. Looking forward to seeing more gains soon!

  • Reading Fanatic - Romance Overshadowed by the Suspense

    I liked this book a lot. It's the first book in Kendra Elliot's four-book BONE SECRETS series. The book is well written, with nicely developed characters, and a plot which is thoroughly engaging. I'm astonished that this is Ms. Elliot's debut a matter of fact I had such a hard time believing it is her first book that I had to look her up and confirm it for myself. All I can say is, wow! Ms. Elliot's career has certainly gotten off to an auspicious start. In any event, the only reason this book did not get a 5 star review from me is because I personally wanted more focus on the romance. I am a voracious reader; over the years I've read just about every type of book there is, but of late, my genre of preference is romance. Nowadays I'll read pretty much anything so long as the main focus of the story is romance...or at the very least the romance must be a main focus.