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  • Mayra S. - I have super curly hair I'am trying to grow out I'am trying ...

    I have super curly hair I'am trying to grow out I'am trying to get it passed my back to my waist. I use Dr Miracle's Hot Gro on my hair as a massage oil.I don't wash it out till next day.This has to be used as a regime for hair care not just as a treatment.It works for me simply because I'am also taking Biotin Hair pills,using Jamaican strengthening grow and restore shampoo which clarify's cleans and helps hair grow .I also use Lee Staffords hair treatment here and there and all these things work to not only condition but improve hair root.I like the tingly hot on my scalp it tells me that it is working and helping hair follicles.I'am not African American but have naturally curly hair that used to be be frizzy dull and lifeless lately it has been the best it will ever be.when it gets to my goal I will post my review and if my goal was met.

  • Amazon Customer - Not worth the price.

    The foil is non-stick on one side, but not as good as parchment and about the same as regular foil with cooking spray. It isn't worth the $10 per roll I paid with shipping costs for sure. The amount you get is the same as a small roll of regular foil, which can be bought for under $2. It's just not worth it.

  • Mel B - Isnt a snug fit

    Bought a cheap knock brand. . .didn't fit. Bought the RTIC brand (have an RTIC tumbler) and fit just as poorly. The top is snug but the bottom has a noticeable gap. I guess it works but the bottom does not feel as stable as I would think it would of the bottom ring was tight

  • Rachel - Loving the new selection of cards

    I love my new Hallmark card selections, the program is easy to install and easy to follow - worth the money.

  • C. Musgrove - Great product, Beware The Packaging!

    We purchase this for my elderly mother. She has poor circulation in her legs and uses it to prevent sores. It works great, however as others have said the pump quits working long before the product is gone. I weighed what was left in a 14oz bottle when the pump quit and there was a full 6oz left. It is so thick you can't poor it out. I cut the bottle off above the product to get at what was remaining. So just be aware that if you throw it away when the pump quits you are throwing away almost half the product. I have made Gold Bond aware of this through their web site and am awaiting a responce.