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  • Pete - Outstanding Durability *Updated*

    These came on my 2012 Silverado when I bought it new. 3 years 4 months and 48,000 miles later and they're still going strong. One popped from running over a large screw but that's to be expected. I have them rotated at every oil change which is twice a year. I still have good tread on them and enough depth to last a little longer. I'm looking to replace them at about 65,000 and I don't see why I shouldn't get the same ones again. They've already proven themselves. Years of city driving, long road trips and plenty of mountain climbing in extreme cold and heat leave no doubt that they'll get the job done. Highly recommended.

  • Brian Dewhirst - Very poor product

    I have had this charger for 3 months and have used it twice to charge 4 batteries. The charger now identifies all batteries as being "non-rechargable"; even those that are currently working in devices. DO NOT BUY this product.

  • pbk63 - Seems to have great promise

    A further update. After about six weeks weeks using the program I find it is highly successful for me. I am now into correcting a muscle imbalance in one of the three categories they describe and already notice some positive change. For me the exercises are relatively simple and the pain exercises took me about five minutes twice a day and the corrective exercises about 10 minutes once a day. Have made list so do not have to listen to the instructions which shortens the time period. I will probably not post further updates unless I find that there is something significant to share. I have no idea whether the program would work for a large population of those of us with back issues but it certainly has worked for me so far.

  • coffee - The product did work, but after a day or ...

    The product did work, but after a day or 2, my eyes went back to the way they were. The seller was prompt.

  • S Greene - The Nest: A Fatal Flaw (UPDATED)

    The Nest thermostat is a remarkable design, with incredible features, and really reinvents an often overlooked part of everyday life. In so many ways, it is a great device.

  • Claire B. - enviro cloths

    The enviro cloth is a waste of time unless you follow up by wiping down with the polshing cloth (if you are using it wet). Don't even bother using it dry. It does not pick up dust and other debris used either wet or dry as Norwex claims, it just moves it around. It's very frustrating. I find myself going over and over a surface to get it clean and end up using an inexpensive micro cloth with a little Pledge. It's much more effective. I don't have the time to waste nor the money. They are so overpriced it's crazy. Oh...and if you want streaked windows...

  • robert - not overjoyed

    I am a new user. I know I have a lot to learn, but so far getting directions using shortest or fastest route adds mileage to trip. Not easy to learn.