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  • Brian McGinty - I love my Moov NOW

    I love my Moov NOW. I started looking for a fitness tracker to motivate me to exercise after taking a new job with a longer commute. I wasn't doing anything and figured it was time. The features of the Moov attracted me and they have proved extremely motivational. I started with the 7 minute workout and have continued doing it regularly. I grabbed a second Moov device and fell in love with the cardio boxing. Now that it is spring, I'm ready to run, walk and bike. I love that the coach is there with you throughout the workout and keeps you going. My body is thanking me everyday for buying the moov now.

  • chelsea kuhn - Reserved Wife Admits She Was Wrong!

    These are AMAZING! I was a bit reserved when my husband wanted to order these for my 2014 Ford Escape Titanium. First, I thought it was expensive for floor mats when all you do is put your feet on them. Second, I wasn't sure they would really fit custom to my car as advertised. I WAS WRONG ALL OVER THE PLACE! That's right, this wife admits she was wrong. These came and we put them in my vehicle. They fit snug and perfectly to every contour and space of my floorboards where needed. They are very durable and easy to clean. It has grooves to hold dirt so you can shake it out without getting it all over your floor and you can just rinse them with the hose! I have always seen the commercial for Weathertech floor mat but man, I never knew how amazing and worth it they REALLY are!! We are going to order a set for my husband's truck next! I will NEVER use anything else!