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  • Patricia A. Fashano - The best patio stone cleaner!

    This is an amazing product. I have light multi colored stone on my patio which is into it's third season. It was dark and had embedded mold spots. I cleaned it with a Scott product which was not very good with removing the mold. The installer of the patio wanted to power wash and then refill the sand which was costly. I went online and discover wet and forget and it is the best. You mix it in a garden sprayer, four to one. Just spray and the rain does the rest. All the mold spots are gone and I love my beautiful stone once again.

  • Sonny Garcia - Great value and great convenience...

    Great value and great convenience on my yearly update of my Internet protection package, Been purchasing from Amazon a few years now and will continue to as it is reliable, a great value, and a great convenience. Top of the line offering from Amazon...

  • Bookworm555 - Alien Dragons! Enough said

    I borrowed this book with Kindle Unlimited. I love this series but be warned each individual story is very short and the Dragons of Preor are a continuation of the Ujal series. I read this after binge reading the Ujal series and it makes for a great continuation with re-occurring characters from previous books. As with the Ujal all of the characters appear in each of the books even though each book focuses on an individual couple and their unique story.

  • Kelly McCabe - Thank you!

    So this item originally arrived broken in half :(. I didn't think the replacement would come in time for Christmas...but it did! I received the star just 2 days after I filed the claim. The star looks amazing and I truly thank you for the quick action! :)

  • Sara Scibetta - feels like a movie you'd make for a class in college ...

    A little self-indulgent, feels like a movie you'd make for a class in college where it's mostly just your friends goofing off to the camera, several audio mixing issues throughout (some interview scenes overly quiet, with music queues much louder than necessary). It's entertaining in some parts and I appreciated the team attempting to remain unbiased.

  • Christina Jung - Great Bath Mat!!

    This mat is exactly what I didn't know I needed. Everyone knows that bathtubs can get pretty slippery, especially when you use some specific products (i.e. in shower lotion, conditioner, etc.). Still, we usually ignore the fact and go on with our lives, without really addressing the problem. That changed for me when I found out that a someone I know slipped in the bathtub and hurt themselves. I figured that this could happen to me and my family, too, so I gave this mat a try. Great decision. The mat sticks very well to the bathtub, so it does not slip itself, and the surface allows just enough friction to prevent slipping without being too rough. I like that the product is anti-bacterial, too, because I worry that the mat may get dirty or moldy soon. It helps that it is easily detachable and attachable, because that makes it easier to clean and dry. The color is a perfect whitish grayish shade, that goes with everything without being too susceptible to staining. The bath scrub is nice, too, and is good for exfoliating and giving that extra touch to body wash. Overall, it is a great product, affordable, and I would definitely recommend. Thanks!!