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    Latest Code Book. It is what it is, necessary for some work and careers. More of a necessity than a read.

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    Item received in envelope. Packaging a little bent but CD was fine. Installed no problems, and created a trip easily. Streets and Trips is no longer offered by Microsoft so I feel lucky that I found this. I plan a lot of routes with up to 40 stops around town. This is the best mapping program.

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    The first time I used this product it blew my mind, but I have never been able to get quite the same effect again since. If you wait a few weeks you might get 60-70% of the original effect (hence my three star rating) but that's about it.

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    I bought this on Indiegogo and it is amazing! I was skeptical at first if it would have any impact on the beer and it definitely does! I have tried a few different craft beers in this with a side by side straight from the bottle. This device gives a creamier mouth feel and a nice thick head. It is kind of like a step toward making it a nitro pour, but you can still tell it is CO2. It brings out different flavors of the beer too that you wouldn't notice straight from the bottle. My dad liked this so much he wants one for Christmas.

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    I really like these chairs. The arms of the chair needed a little greasing to make them move smoother but other than that they are great. Very comfortable.

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    I bought this one to replace another I had for 11 years that finally gave out. It used to be you could cut off the end of the hose and send it in for a free replacement, but now you have to fill out a form and provide proof of purchase. I couldn't find the original paperwork so ordered another one.

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    Honestly I don't understand the high rating. All of these products make my long, thick hair look greasy. Even using a small amount. And yes, they smell great (and strong) but the second I straighten my hair, even just after shampooing, the burnt nutty flowery scent is just TERRIBLE. It stinks up my hair and my bathroom. I haven't used these products in weeks and still every time I use my iron it smells awful.