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  • Kevin C. - this works perfect in my 4 door Jeep Wrangler and the price ...

    We struggled with dog hair when we took the dogs, this works perfect in my 4 door Jeep Wrangler and the price was very reasonable

  • Ronald L Conkle - A really good environment

    To date Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 has been a wonderful tool for me and I recommend it for those seeking just a little bit more their development tools. Therefore my personal choice is Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 ...

  • Tomek - Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store

    Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store. I had to file a screw sticking out from the blade, no quality control. They cut pretty well though.

  • J. Kinder - Causes Win7 to run slow! Pegs the CPU at 100%

    This software came with the Toshiba Canvio 1TB USB disk drive. Easy to use but makes my computer unusable when running a backup because it pegs the CPU at 100%. When the CPU isn't at 100% but a more normal 20% load, my keystrokes and mouse clicks are about 5 seconds delayed. Have to disconnect the USB drive and reboot to get back to normal. I have Win7 Home Premium on a Dell Dual Core Pentium with 4GB RAM and 500MB RAID 0 disks.

  • ChelltheMute - Good for Verbal, not so much for Quant

    The book wasn't very helpful for the quant section of the exam. It prepared me well for the Verbal but pretty much nothing in the Quant section of the book was actually on the exam. While I know they can't tell you everything that will be on the exam, the least they could do is give a better idea than some random information on numbers and a few geometry formulas.

  • Jeena - Helpful, along with L-Lysine tabs.

    Helps shorten the life-span of cold sores, along with a hefty dose of L-Lysine as soon as I feel that tingle that tells me a cold sore is coming on. I start with 1000 mg of L-Lysine in tablet form along with this stuff applied to the tingly area. If I'm lucky & catch it early, no cold sore develops. Otherwise, the blight goes away in a few days. This is helpful, but I cannot emphasize enough how very helpful L-Lysine is in shortening the life of the pesky, unsightly and uncomfortable cold sore. This cream plus the Lysine (daily) get the job done.