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  • Michelle R. - Vitamins

    This review is for NaturesWellness hair, skin and nails complex supplement [60 tablets] 5000 mcg biotin, silica plus vitamins C, E and B, natural essential vitamins and advanced nutrients for thinning hair for men and women. I have taken almost half of the bottle, so far. The pills are pretty big and the smell, well, it's vitamins..sooo...

  • Lkretz - Worked like a charm

    This stuff will get rid of any little creatures you don't want around. And it didn't leave a residue.

  • negelle - i love it

    My Husband and I purchased this leap pad learning tablet for our daughter's fifth birthday and she loves it her exact words were "mummy & daddy this is awesome"

  • Jessica - Didn't work

    I ordered this because I was starting to break out bad in my 20's but nothing seemed to work, so tried this but it didn't help either.

  • mommy lynnie - HORRIBLE

    I have been using a Printmaster version from 2003 and I have always loved it. My new computer did not have it and I had no access to the the discs, so I finally decided to purchase the new and "updated" version online. What a joke! Antiquated, written much in computer code and not consumer friendly. If it does as much as the old version, I cannot figure out how. Impossible to do even the simplest of tasks I did in old. This program is horribly outdated and looks as if it was created by a sole computer geek rather than a respected company. I wish I had read reviews first! I am going to try to get my money back. So disappointing--- Printmaster used to be so good!

  • Susan Aikman - Out of the Park Homerun

    Another Mario Batali homerun! This is a beautiful cookbook, full of magnificent photos. It will take me a year to cook my way through all the recipes that I bookmarked. The only recipe that I promise I won’t try is the one for Rocky Mountain Oysters. Many recipes have a fairly short ingredient list and the ingredients are all readily available (except the aforementioned rocky mountain oysters ). I’ll be leaving this book out on my coffee table for a while.

  • It's amazing to learn that aging is curable decease! - It's amazing to learn that aging is curable decease!

    Dr. Klatz shows the safe and simple ways to obtain HGH, or stimulate it naturally through nutrition, supplements, and exercise in order to build a better body, increase cardiac output, lower blood pressure, increase immune function, revive sexual performance, tighten aging skin, and improve memory and thinking ability. It includes the "GH Enhancement Program," a practical, self-help guide to reaping all the benefits without costly injections, including an entire section on the various over-the-counter supplements, the foods, and the exercises that will allow everyone to boost their HGH levels.