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  • E. B. - This no longer works...

    I reviewed this already in the other packaging but don't waste your money. I used to use this all the time and it worked well (although yes it did stink.) Well they've changed the formula(and it stil stinks.) When using it previously it would remove about 99% of the hair. Now it simply-does not work. So it's not me, or my hair, or too much hair, or improper use,etc. It just doesn't work anymore.

  • Ashley Krack - Best straightener

    This straightener is awesome. I have very kinky curly hair and I need to use my flat iron daily to keep the frizz and curliness under control and it always feels time consuming to have have to use the flat iron every morning. Since getting this straightener, my morning routine is so much easier. I just plug it in while I'm taking a shower and when I get out I brush and straighten my hair and I'm done. I was skeptical at first and didn't think it would work for my hair but it has proven me wrong.

  • Sarah Jean Seyfried - Love The Squirrelinator

    I have had my Squirrelinator since 2008, shortly after reading and article in the Fruit Gardener's November & December 2008 issue. We use our trap every spring and summer to lessen the seasons new population as well as year round for maintenance. We have never had a problem, nor do we feel that this is a cheap trap. It works wonders for us and keeps our garden and flowers plentiful all season. We have recommended this to our neighbors in the past who have also had great success with the trap. We will continue to recommend the Squirrelinator to anyone with a squirrel problem.

  • TimmyG123 - Does the job

    My sons 98 camaro had a rear main seal leak ( not major ) but it was leaving oil on the pavement. A big time Texas mechanic recommended this product and it almost completely stopped the leak until we were able to get it repaired.

  • Kids love it! - Didn't help my son

    I bought this and rubbed it on my pregnant belly for 9 months, I then rubbed this on my sons forehead for the first 10 years of his life... I am VERY disappointed that my son is not a wall climbing, nunchuck swinging, green hero. I now have a defective "hero" with ADHD. Don't buy this.

  • Eileen - Disappointing

    The worst! Spends forever with a lot of generalities about traveling to France, bare bones about the actual sites themselves. Very hard to use search feature to find info. Every single mention of a pace comes up, and the main entry is not first, nor is it obvious. Save your money and use Wikipedia instead.